Dr Who in “Shark Bait”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Shark Bait 1Dr Who Shark Bait 2Dr Who Shark Bait 3Dr Who Shark Bait 4

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Dr Who in “Enter The Go Ray”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Enter The Go Ray 1Dr Who Enter The Go Ray 2Dr Who Enter The Go Ray 3Dr Who Enter The Go Ray 4

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Dr Who in “The Ordeals of Demeter”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Ordeals Demeter 1Dr Who Ordeals Demeter 2Dr Who Ordeals Demeter 3Dr Who Ordeals Demeter 4


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Horror Channel Dalek Game

Horror Channel Dalek Game

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December 20, 2014 · 1:53 am

BLOOPERS! The Sea Devils

The Doctor’s sonic may also function as a mine detector but it’s rubbish at spotting boom mics…

Sea Devils Blooper 1

What the hell is this submarine made of? Cardboard???

Sea Devils Blooper 2



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Doctor Who Weekly #4 – The Firemaker

Our ongoing mission to watch Hartnell Year One at the rate of one episode a week continues with episode four.

Doctor Who The Firemaker

So they get caught again, giving us our very first Story Loop – capture,escape, capture, escape – and it’s only episode four!

It’s clever of the Doctor to outwit Kal by appealing to his vanity but you wonder what would have happened had he kept his big mouth shut.

In terms of story, it’s strange that Hur gets a sudden attack of thickitis when she’s been the one driving Za to act up until now. And where did all this stuff about sacrificing them on the old stone come from? There was none of that chat earlier on, yet Horg, Hur’s old dad from The Onedin Line confirms it later so that discussion must have happened prior to Za popping into the Cave of Skulls for a chinwag…

This is where we get the payoff of Ian not having any matches back in the junkyard. Interesting that we don’t get the scene where Ian works out how he can make fire, we just see him at it already.

Funny how one yell from Hur brings the whole tribe running into the cave, a tribe that now seems conveniently reduced in numbers…

Za seemingly has time to stop off for a haircut on the way to chasing the travellers back to the TARDIS!

Ooh, a spooky forest. Now that looks more interesting. I wonder what’s waiting for them there?

Doctor Who Next Time Dead Planet

So. Having watched the first four eps of Doctor Who¬†at the rate of one a week, what’s the verdict? Well, to be honest, this first story isn’t as dull as we remember it and I think it actually benefits from being watched weekly, just like it would have been back in the day. Bingeing on all the episodes at once the minute you get the DVD home isn’t actually the best way to watch the series, particularly these early episodes with their slower pacing.

But that slow pace isn’t quite as evident when viewed individually so I would highly recommend you watching your Who weekly from now on.

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The Underwater Menace in 2015?

At last! According to this post from doctor who news dot net:


Great though it is to get some confirmation on the story’s release – the last ever Classic Series DVD unless more stories are recovered – the explanation is a bit bollocks if you ask me and I still suspect that it will be part of a Box Set along with the two recently recovered Troughton stories – Enemy of the World & Web of Fear. On the plus side, at least we’ve got confirmation that the eps will be animated, probably by that Planet55 lot

In the meantime here’s Lee Johnson’s brilliant artwork mocked up as a Big Finish-style cover to keep us all going!

Doctor Who Big Finish Underwater Menace

You can find more of Lee Johson’s fantastic fan art on his Facebook Page

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