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The Name of the Doctor – spoiler review!

Well? After all the build up, was it worth it?

Hell yeah!

Looking back at my thoughts prior to transmission, some things I got right, some I got wrong, but I got the important one right, and that’s what matters!

Okay, first up, let’s deal with those flashbacks at the start. So glad I was wrong about the Gallifrey flashback, how many times have fans imagined that escape scene. Shame they didn’t get Babelcolour to do it, it would have been so much better than it was. As for the rest of the clips that Clara was inserted into, there were some pretty bizarre choices in there I must say – I mean, Dragonfire? WTF?

I thought there’d be some out of focus, in the background doubles and I got that right, though some of them didn’t look much like the Doctors they were meant to be, but I suppose you can explain that away as “the memory cheats”…

As for the story itself, well I got it right that we wouldn’t actually find out his name and there were a couple of moments where I guessed the dialogue correctly, which always gives me a warm glow. And did anybody else spot the line that was very similar to one from “Castrovalva”? Yeah, `course you did.

As for the “secret” itself, well, if you`ve been anywhere near the Internet, even in the run up to the “leak” of the episode, and showed any interest at all in the Anniversary special, then you had a good idea of exactly Who it was that  John Hurt was playing.  But if you didn’t, it must have been the biggest surprise ever. The moment he spoke, and you heard that distinctive voice of his, you would have been thinking “bloody hell, they’ve got John Hurt to play The Valeyard!”  But no…

And I got it right that Clara was Temporal Fission-ed across the Doctor’s timeline though having The Great Intelligence as the villain didn’t really have that much of an impact as it could have been pretty much anyone, the whole point of the story was simply to open the Doctor’s grave and find what was inside.

Guessed that Trenzalore was where he was buried and loved the idea of the now-dead  Tardis being his tomb. And I do think it’s a good idea to establish that, at some point in the future, the Doctor does die, he’s not immortal. Of course, how many Doctors there are before Trenzalore is another question…

And speaking of questions, there are plenty of those left hanging in the air between now and November 23rd.  I love the idea of a “forgotten” Doctor but I do think they could have made him a bit less of a scruffy bugger, don’t you?

And that was “The Name of the Doctor”, the obvious winner of the DWM Season Survey, the result of that will never be in doubt.

And what are the chances that the next issue of DWM will have a “John Hurt IS The Doctor” cover?

Can’t wait to Fan Edit this one!




SEASON SEVEN [According to Whopix]

dr who name doctor

dr who crimson horror

dr who nightmare silver

dr who journey tardis

dr who bells st john

dr who hide

dr who cold war

dr who rings akhaten

#1 – The Name of the Doctor
#2 – The Crimson Horror
#3 – Nightmare In Silver
#4 – Journey to the Centre of the Tardis
#5 – The Bells of Saint John
#6 – Hide
#7 – Cold War
#8 – The Rings of Akhaten


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Name of the Doctor – Spoiler pix? Maybe…

name of doctor caption

Okay so you`ve probably all seen the two “spoiler” pix put out by the Beeb today, but if you haven’t they’re not really that spoiler-y, I think. Well, one of `em probably is and one of `em isn`t really, it`s just confirmation of my theory on what happens to Clara in the Tardis…

Okay, here’s the first one… ready?


dr who gallifrey name of the doctor

Given that this is on the Beeb`s official Facebook Page, I doubt that the revelation that we get a Gallifrey Flashback really counts as a spoiler. Unless you`re one of those strange people who don’t even look at Next Time trailers, in which case you`re not likely to be here anyway…

So, there are two possibilities. One, we’ll see the Doctor as a baby getting baptised, or whatever the Timelord equivalent is for naming their kids. Maybe Claire Bloom will be back as his mum…

Or it’ll be a flashback to the Doctor and Susan escaping for the very first time. I doubt this will be what it`s for, they would need a Hartnell lookalike for a start and where would they get one of those from…

I reckon this scene will be the Doctor getting named by his parents.

Or something else entirely!

Next, this one is a real corker and confirms what I thought was going on in my previous speculations on the story. Remember how Clara steps into the energy column to rescue the Doctor and sees Bessie drive past…

dr who name doctor clara tardfis flashback 1dr who name doctor clara bessie 4dr who name doctor clara tardfis flashback 2

Just after this last one, guess what happens next. somebody walks past in the corridor behind Clara… and look Who it is!


dr who name doctor clara sixie

It`s Sixie!

Now, that confirms what I thought about her having brief encounters with previous Doctors, moments in his lives. We had a similar thing in Journey a few eps back if you remember. So we’ve got a Colin Baker lookalike, in his costume, out of focus and in the background in a dimly lit corridor… I reckon he walks past the junction, with a genuine Colin line from the Classic Series as a voice over, and vanishes just as Clara turns round.

Nice idea, to have “ghosts” of previous Doctors “haunting” the Tardis due to whatever timey-wimey thing is going on. A nice idea and a neat way of getting the previous docs involved in anniversary year.

I reckon this is exactly what they’ll do for the other Old Doctors, with lookalikes for some and voice overs for others.

Excited for Saturday yet? I am, and it`s only Tuesday!


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The Impossible Girl – solved? [Speculation, no spoilers]

name of doctor caption

Okay, having looked at the trailers closely and having put me thinking head on [see what I did there?] I reckon I know what the answer to Clara’s mystery is. Now this is just speculation, I haven’t seen the ep, I`m just going by what everyone else has seen in the trailers. If you look closely at them and put together the clues we’ve been given so far, then it starts to make sense. Sort of.

Anyway, here’s what I reckon…

Something happens during the story to the Tardis, resulting in this column of energy…

dr who name doctor clara river tardis 1dr who name doctor clara river tardis 2

River is there with Clara, and if you look, so is Vastra [no sign of Strax & Jenny though]

Now look what happens next, after River says to Clara not to do what she’s thinking of doing…


dr who name doctor clara river tardis 3dr who name doctor clara river tardis 4dr who name doctor clara river tardis 5dr who name doctor clara river tardis 6dr who name doctor clara river tardis 7dr who name doctor clara river tardis 8

So where does she go? Answer – she’s somewhere in the Tardis, having very brief encounters with previous moments in the Doctor`s past lives, like this one with the Third Doctor and Bessie…

dr who name doctor clara bessie 4

I reckon Clara somehow undergoes some sort of Temporal Fission type thing while trying to rescue the Doctor, spreading multiple copies of her through time and space – we’ve met the Snowmen one and the Dalek Asylum one so far but I reckon there are others.

That`s what I think.

Clara goes inside the Tardis to rescue the Doctor and gets Temporal Fission-ed. Her are some more screen grabs to back that up –

dr who name doctor clara tardis 1dr who name doctor clara tardis 2

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Name of the Doctor Speculation #2 – Bessie!

name of doctor caption


If you look at the TV trailer for The Name of the Doctor, yes, that is clearly Bessie, and here are the six frames that prove it, and we all know what that means…

dr who name doctor clara bessie 1dr who name doctor clara bessie 2dr who name doctor clara bessie 3dr who name doctor clara bessie 4dr who name doctor clara bessie 5dr who name doctor clara bessie 6

The implications of this are worth thinking over. It looks like Clara ends up back in time as the Third Doctor drives past her in Bessie. Yes the tree in the background looks like it`s from The Five Doctors but if you look at the other shots I reckon she’s still inside the Tardis and is doing some sort of “travelling through all the Doctor`s past lives” kind of thing.

So does this mean she will pop back through all ten previous Doctors? I doubt it – we’ve already had Eccles and others as voice overs in Journey so I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens again. Not only that, it would be a bloody long sequence if you gave them one each, even if they were only six frames long like the Bessie shot.

I reckon she’ll have brief, and I mean. very brief glimpses of past Doctors in one way or another. Bill & Pat will probably be voice overs, the others will be seen from behind or out of focus in the background or passing by really quickly.

As for why? Well, if, as Clara says in the trailer that she “was born to save the Doctor” then it looks like she travels back through his previous live in the Tardis, and that`s somehow involved in rescuing him.

That’s what I reckon’s going on anyway. And yes, Bessie`s back! Hooray!

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Name of the Doctor Speculation #1 – NO SPOILERS!

name of doctor caption

First up – THERE ARE NO SPOILERS HERE! – I haven’t seen it.

So, with things starting to go into overdrive for Saturday`s series finale, now`s probably the right time to do the obligatory pointless speculation thing before I start seriously trying to avoid the internet ahead of Saturday, which ain’t gonna be easy…

1. You don’t seriously think the Beeb deliberately released the eps early do you? Do you? Nah. That’s what comes of broadcasters trying to do damage-limitation on the effect of file sharing on their commerical activity.

2. In spite of myself, my Excitement-ometer is rapidly creeping up towards ten… and it`s only Tuesday! Okay, so

3.  I reckon Clara is some sort of wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey explodey-wodey temporal fission type thing with lots of Clara`s and Oswin`s scattered through time as she tries to save the Doctor from his fate. That`s probably why the Tardis doesn’t like her, cos the old girl knows she’s a paradox.

4. Something happens to the Tardis, which leaves it looking as if it`s been abandoned for years, it`s all overgrown with vines and things. Something is outside and grabs the Doctor, so looks like there is something else at Trenzalore as well as Dr Simeon and The Whispermen. Whatever it is, Dr Simeon is there in the Tardis when it happens…

dr who name doctor tardis simeon 1dr who name doctor tardis simeon 2dr who name doctor tardis simeon 3dr who name doctor tardis simeon 4

5. When the Whispermen attack, it looks as if they do somethign to Strax or Strax reverts to his old self as he appears to attack Vastra, unless it`s a decoy ploy to escape. It looks like Vastra shoots him,as there’s a gunshot on the soundtrack, but if you lok at Vastra`s hand, she appears to be holding a sonic… and is that Strax that`s getting thrown in through the pub window?

dr who name doctor strax vastra 1dr who name doctor strax vastra 2dr who name doctor strax vastra 3dr who name doctor strax vastra 4dr who name doctor strax vastra 5

6. Following on from that last one, it looks like there’s going to be a fair amount of time travel stuff – it looks like they go back to the events of The Snowmen for a start, either that or Strax has really bad dandruff for a baldy spud-head…

dr who name doctor strax vastra 6

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more S7.2 movie style posters…

journey centre tardis

This makes Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis look like a big budget version of Castrovalva! Probably the ep I`ve been looking forward to the most out of the current run – looking forward to it even more now!

Next, The Crimson Horror, which I hope is as good as The Unquiet Dead, Gatiss` best script for the New Series…

crimson horror

… not sure about Matt`s hat though!

And finally Neil Gaiman`s take on The Silver Surfer [that`s what it reminded me of when I first saw it!]

nightmare silver

found via Blogtor Who on Facebook

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The Belle of The Bells of St John

here`s a completely gratuitous pic of JLC looking lovely as ever and leaving just enough to your imagination…

jenna louise coleman boobs

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