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Winston & Smiffy

The Monday after Victory of the Daleks, Channel 4 started showing Blitz Street, a fortuitous tie-in. After watching part 2 last night I suddenly realised I just had to do THIS:

It`s surprising how few photos there are of Winnie on Google… and knocking up this composite only reinforces my opinion that, good as he was, Ian McNeice was too fat to be a realistic look-alike for the old boy, a bit like an unconvincing Elvis impersonator.


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Noses Off!

I`ve just finished watching Underworld, one of the poorest examples of late 70s Who imaginable. All the episodes underrun, they`re all padded, nothing much really happens and you could easily FanEdit the whole thing down to about half an hour!

During episode three, the info text flashed up RTD`s comments on the story in DWM393. He remarks that the Oracle`s robotic servants would have looked better without the noses that the designer put on the masks. I decided to see if he was right and now you can judge for yourselves…

[Noises Off – Noses Off, geddit?]

The “noses” were obviously for practical reasons – certainly not aesthetic ones – so the poor actors could see out, one of whom was Lobos from The Space Museum. Thought I recognised the voice…

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Three Doctors…

three doctors 2013


What are the chances in 2013 d`you reckon…?

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