The Dalek Fix

I`ve finally worked out what it is that bugs me about those new Daleks. The head`s too small and the humphy bit at the back makes them look out of proportion. So, thanks to a quick bit of photoshoppery, here`s the solution :

Now, looking at them side by side, you tell me which one is better!

And while we`re on that subject, why only Red, White, Blue, Orange & Yellow? Why not Green? I think a green Dalek looks ok…

… don`t you?



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3 responses to “The Dalek Fix

  1. Yup

    Yeah, and also if u got rid of the new neck and put in the old one it would look even better

  2. Dissapointed

    I get that they wanted to revamp the daleks while they were changing everything else, but the rainbow colors and plasticy shells??? They look like childrens toys. Its such a shame to make something that was originally so scary seem so pathetic. I don’t quite understand how Moffat allowed it to happen, he has written some of the best doctor who episodes (the empty child, the girls in the fireplace, blink etc.) and yet he allowed small headed (You are totally right on that one!) rainbow toys to replace one of the most consistent and terrifying monsters seen in Doctor Who. I do love your green one, its definitely an improvement!

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