City of the Daleks – Walkthrough


Act One
Scene 1
Turn right, away from the TARDIS.
On your right will be the boarded up Underground entrance.
Cross between the two arcs of sandbags and climb over the upturned car.
Turn right and push the taxi.

Scene 2
Sonic the gate.
Follow Sylvia down the tunnel hiding behind the arc of sandbags on either side.
Rewire the control panel.
Run down the tunnel & turn right. Climb the stairs

Scene 3
Climb over the upturned car as before.
Use the taxi as cover.
Turn left. Go around the outside of the Dalek nearest the TARDIS

Act Two
Scene 1
Sonic the Dalek dome to get the Internal Sensor – complete Maze Puzzle #1
Exit the room & turn left.
Stick to the left of the room and enter the first room on your left
Push the white block to progress
Push the 2nd white block and climb up into the room beyond
The Kontron Crystal is on the table in the circle of consoles in the centre of the room.
Sonic the door to exit

Scene 2
Turn left, follow the corridor and exit through the door on the right at the rear of the wall [the red one!]
The first room on the left has the Dalekanium Coil – it`s at the back of the room.
Make your way back to Amy – complete Maze Puzzle #2

Scene 3
Exit and turn right. Dodge the yellow Dalek & take the last door on the right.
The first console is straight ahead, the second on the far side of the room.
The third console is underneath the eye itself.
Sonic each one to activate the puzzles.
Take the door to the left of the eye.
Dodge the yellow Dalek again & get in the lift

Act Three
Scene 1
Ask the Emperor to show you the power – this leads into the cut scene
Go anticlockwise around the console & pick up the Dalekanium wire.
Go back – clockwise – until you come to the rod of dalekanium in the acid pool.
Use the wire to connect them to the controls.
Continue clockwise until you reach the control panel. Sonic it.

Scene 2
Exit and turn left. Watch out for the Varga plants.
Go down the stairs on the right.
Go through the door on the left [back to the eye room]
Dodge the Vargas and return to the console under the eye. Sonic it.
Pick up the eyeball that falls out.

Scene 3
As Amy, exit & turn left. As before, keep to the left of the room and enter the first room on the left.
Head for the far left corner & pick up the Dalek dome.
Exit & follow the room round to the right.
Pick up the Dalek Gun. Return to the Doctor. Complete Maze Puzzle #3.

Scene 4
As Amy, go to the right, keeping between the four Daleks.
Go round the outside of the last one and up the ramp.
When you reach the Emperor click Climb.

As the Doctor,go left past the White Supreme Dalek.
Then go clockwise round the other Daleks to the console. Sonic it.
Go right between the same group of four Daleks as Amy did.
Go round the outside of the last one and up the ramp.
You MUST click Talk to activate the final cut scene.

Things to note:
1] if you touch the sides during the Maze Puzzles, you go right back to the beginning. Remember this for puzzles 2 & 3!
2] the symbols speed up with each of the three puzzles in the eye room
3] the Vargas pulse twice before striking



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29 responses to “City of the Daleks – Walkthrough

  1. purplecoffins

    Just like to say, act 3 scene 3, I think you have to go left instead of right to get to the gun… This ( should help.

    • whopix

      Hi purplecoffins, thanks for taking the time to post this.

      If you look at that video you linked to, you stick to the laft hand side of the room. But when Amy goes past the varga, she is turning right. Its clearer when she makes her way back after getting the gun which direction she`s going in. So stick to the left hand side of the room then head right for the gun.

  2. I cant seem to find the dalek dome, well i think i’ve found i’ve found it but it wont let me pick it up :/

    • whopix

      When you locate any item as part of an objective, a blue glow will surround it. Simultaneously in the left hand corner of the screen it will say “Pick Up”. Just click your mouse to add the item to your inventory. If you`ve got this far then you`re nearly there. The really tricky bit is the final sprint past the Daleks and up the ramp…

      • Thanks, yeah I can’t find it now lol. I was on it for like fifteen minuets, but I get getting exterminated so I gave up, I know it’s near the entrance isn’t it? And sorry about posting the same words twice on my other post, didn’t realise

  3. snuffy

    Argh. Is there any trick to getting under the dalek eye (and getting amy out of the way!) so I don’t get spotted? It’s really difficult. D:

    • whopix

      No trick, snuffy. Just stay close to the outside wall as you move around the room and wait for a gap in the sweep of the eye. You should be on the left hand side of the room as you approach the eye. Again, stay close to the wall and approach the console from directly underneath the beam. Wait until its at its highest point in its sweep before stepping out in front of the console. The control system doesn`t make this easy but it can be done!

  4. Joe Dewick

    Thanks, It’s Helped Me Through.
    Can You Do One For The New One Thats Out This Saturday, “Blood Of The Cybermen”?

    • whopix

      Hi Joe – glad to be of help.
      Yes, there will be a walkthrough for BotC just as soon as I can complete the game and get it typed up!

  5. Dodger

    I am in the final scene, Amy has done her job, the Dr. just has to get past the Daleks and up the ramp. Now he is so uncontrollable, I can’t get him to the ramp without running him into a beam or he misses the ramp and I run out of time and everything explodes. The view swings so bad, and he won’t run in a straight line. Any suggestions??

    • whopix

      Hi Dodger – I had loads of trouble with this last bit too! Took me ages to finally crack it. The easiest way to do it is to control the Dr with the mouse instead of the arrow keys, trying to keep him in the middle of the ramp if youn can. This means when you reach the top you can click to talk to Amy quite easily, which is what completes the game and leads into the final cutscene.

  6. Violet Cullen

    On act one, I can’t get back to the TARDIS. The daleks keep exterminating me. =( =/

  7. who97

    when I try to get past the daleks, The Doctor gets to The TARDIS ok but Amy gets killed. Is there a way to keep her safe?

    • whopix

      You need to watch your timing when dodging the daleks. If, as you get past each one, you pause and wait for Amy to catch up with you, you should make it to the Tardis ok.

      • who97

        Thanks! This walkthrough is very helpful, the best I’ve found. 🙂

      • whopix

        Cheers who97. And don`t forget there`ll be another one for AG#3 – TARDIS on Friday. I`ll post it as soon as I can after completing the game.

  8. who97

    Thanks! Do you know if the next one has a famous monster or if there are more than one?

  9. who97

    One day now. This game sounds better to me personally. If it’s a good monster I hope they put it in the next series. =)

  10. who97

    Started playing it. My favourite so far – although I am stuck on a certain bit but it’s only a practice thing – I hope. =L

  11. who97

    Yes! Got past the daleks!!!!! =D

  12. Peter Duggan

    I Can’t find Amy when I go back to the room with the Tardis where is she ?

    • whopix

      To quote the Valeyard ” Where you left her!”
      I`ve just played this section again and, trust me, she IS where you left her – next to the Tardis!

  13. sadiya

    How do you get past the Daleks to get to the crystal, I do not know where the white block is. Could you please tell me?

    • whopix

      Hi Sadiya – stick to the left of the corridor and, when you dodge past the Daleks on patrol, head into the first room on your left. When you`re in the room, head to the left. You`ll see lots of grey blocks. There is a white block amongst them but it`s not the one you want. Go to the rear of the room – you want the second one. Once you`vce pushed it you can climb into the room beyond.

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