The Pandorica Flips

Wow! Episode 12 – what a corker! But did you spot the flipped shot? I hate it when they do that.

So, the Doctor has just noticed Rory`s not dead, they hear a menacing rumble and rush out to the Pandorica where, @ 27 minutes & 37 seconds… [clue – you need to look at Matt`s hair]

I`m still trying to work out why the hell they flipped this shot. Here it is the right way round –



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2 responses to “The Pandorica Flips

  1. Sean

    I think they were trying to make it look like the Doctor was coming from the correct direction. I think when they filmed this, he was going the wrong way, so they flipped it.

  2. whopix

    But the Doctor isn`t moving in that shot. He moves in the shots either side of it, which are the right way round. So why flip this shot? Doesn`t make sense.

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