The Pandorica Opens

Blimey! Haven`t been this excited at the end of part one of a season finale since the Cult of Skaro turned up out of that Voidship in Army of Ghosts!

Nice pre-titles, the longest yet I think. I think that`s Captain Jack`s vortex manipulator.

And cue the cameos – Vincent, Bracewell [thought he was going to bugger off and find Dorabella?], Winston, Liz Ten…


Love the Hello Sweetie/Cleopatra stuff.

Then it`s off to Stonehenge and our first sight of…

Alex Kingston`s Arse!

Wayhay! Then it all goes a bit Indiana Jones/The Mummy as various bits of Cyberman try to bump off our heroes. Classic stuff. Love that snakey cyberhead bit.  And when it splits open to reveal the skull – brilliant!

The it all goes a bit tits up as the romans are revealed as Autons [eh?] and The Grand Alliance turn up. Now given that we`ve already had Daleks v Cybermen, doing a rerun of The Dalek Masterplan was about the only thing left. Now we know what`s been top of The Moff`s Fanboy Wishlist all these years.

Whilst Daleks AND Cybermen AND Sontarans is pretty cool, why did they put the bloody Hoix at the front of the group?

I mean it`s not as if they’re a major villain in the show`s history, are they? They could have put the Sycorax at the front instead and left the Hoix skulking at the back with the Torchwood Blowfish to make up the numbers…


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One response to “The Pandorica Opens

  1. Dalek: The Hoix? I thought he was with you?
    Cyberman: Didn’t he come with the Sontarran?

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