The Pandorica Opens

Blimey! Haven`t been this excited at the end of part one of a season finale since the Cult of Skaro turned up out of that Voidship in Army of Ghosts!

Nice pre-titles, the longest yet I think. I think that`s Captain Jack`s vortex manipulator.

And cue the cameos – Vincent, Bracewell [thought he was going to bugger off and find Dorabella?], Winston, Liz Ten…


Love the Hello Sweetie/Cleopatra stuff.

Then it`s off to Stonehenge and our first sight of…

Alex Kingston`s Arse!

Wayhay! Then it all goes a bit Indiana Jones/The Mummy as various bits of Cyberman try to bump off our heroes. Classic stuff. Love that snakey cyberhead bit.  And when it splits open to reveal the skull – brilliant!

The it all goes a bit tits up as the romans are revealed as Autons [eh?] and The Grand Alliance turn up. Now given that we`ve already had Daleks v Cybermen, doing a rerun of The Dalek Masterplan was about the only thing left. Now we know what`s been top of The Moff`s Fanboy Wishlist all these years.

Whilst Daleks AND Cybermen AND Sontarans is pretty cool, why did they put the bloody Hoix at the front of the group?

I mean it`s not as if they’re a major villain in the show`s history, are they? They could have put the Sycorax at the front instead and left the Hoix skulking at the back with the Torchwood Blowfish to make up the numbers…


One response to “The Pandorica Opens

  1. Dalek: The Hoix? I thought he was with you?
    Cyberman: Didn’t he come with the Sontarran?

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