Alex Kingston`s Arse!


Nice bit of cleavage, Alex luv! But look out, here comes the toosh!


and again!



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12 responses to “Alex Kingston`s Arse!

  1. Curt Strong

    Nice ones, especially the last

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  3. Stl_tl

    So far so good in S6! We got to see some in the premiere tonight and she looked magnificent in those pants! Hard to believe she’s 48! And I beg to differ…Dr. Who has always had great butt shots as I recall several great views of Billie Piper’s rear and the utterly delicious rump of Freema Agyeman. As a butt man I notice such things!

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  5. Trebane

    I’ve just been watching an episode – Alex Kingston has got an absolutely gorgeous arse. I mean, you just would.

  6. IJ

    Check out the New Series Even she checks out her own arse… Quote… “That’s magnificent. I’m going to wear lots of jodphurs…”

  7. Thank goodness you included those honking gigantic bright yellow arrows or else I never would have known where to look.

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