I mean, are they thick or what?

It`s part of the central conceit of Dr Who that no matter who the Monsters are, they never just bloody shoot him! Oh no, they have to come up with some over-complicated scheme worthy of The Hooded Claw himself and lock him in a box that he`s bound to get out of. Next week.

The Hooded Claw. Yesterday.

I mean, the Stonhenge bit – FFS!
[Was I the only one who was thinking “Spinal Tap”?]
OK, so it`s a good attempt to emulate Tenannt`s “It. Is. Defended!” speech and riff on the usual “He can talk his enemies into defeat without resorting to guns”`shtick but it`s not really up there with the best of `em.

And yes, I know it doesn`t make sense if you think about it realistically – Who never does – but I mean, come on, all it needs is one good shot and hey presto! – problem solved! Just once, just piggin once I`d love to see the Dr Who equivalent of that Indiana Jones scene where he shoots the swordsman!

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