Amy Pond`s House of Horrors

OK, after watching The Pandorica Opens a few times now I think I`ve got a handle on what`s going on. Bear with me –

Starting at 20 minutes and 55 seconds in, the Doctor says that he lied when he said in The Eleventh Hour that he had no reason for taking Amy with him and that the reason was that her house was too big & had too many empty rooms…

Right, take a look at Amy`s House as first seen in the Eleventh Hour –

A house with two floors, yes? An upstairs and a downstairs. So far so obvious.

OK, so now think back to The Lodger, yeah? The upstairs that wasn`t an upstairs cos there was no upstairs?

Now take a look at this – it`s the first shot inside Amy`s house of somewhere other than the kitchen or her bedroom…

Did you see it? No? Ok, try this one then, it`s a lot clearer –

Where does that second staircase lead? And why is there a second staircase anyway?

Like the Doctor says – notice everything! Even the things that are right in front of you that you can`t see!

So what does this mean for The Big Bang on Saturday? In The Lodger, the staircase led to a door. It looks like there`s a door at the top of the stairs in that first screengrab with little Amelia and Smiffy but in the second one it looks like its been completely blocked off and leads nowhere. Not that a fake staircase can lead anywhere anyway…

In the earlier kitchen scene it`s about 9 o`clock at night according to the clock on the wall – so where`s the light at the top of the fake staircase coming from?

Is there a ruddy great spaceship with The Big Bad in it on top of Amy`s house?

UPDATED – Having watched the slightly disappointing Big Bang the answer is “We still don`t know!” as it wasn’t mentioned at all, which is intriguing. I can only assume that this is something that The Mofferator has kept back for Series Six.



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3 responses to “Amy Pond`s House of Horrors

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  2. Or for SERIES SEVEN!!!!!!!!

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