Ro-ry is an Au-ton

OK, so since we`re in the mood for spotting things, how about this –

Rory turns up in The Pandorica Opens, only he`s an Auton copy, yeah?

Now Arthur Darvill who plays Rory is 28, so we can safely assume that his character is the same age [and a bit old for Amy if you ask me, she`s only what, 19? 20?].

So the Rory we meet in The Eleventh Hour is the real one, correct?

Not so fast, Sherlock. Take a look at this –

Either Rory hasn`t aged in the past twenty years or he`s always been an Auton!

Dunno how that works but it looks like the trap that was sprung in The Pandorica Opens is bigger than we thought…

OK, all together now, to the tune of “Jilted John” – not “Gordon is a moron” but:

Ro-ry is an au-ton, Ro-ry is an au-au-ton…



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2 responses to “Ro-ry is an Au-ton

  1. gunnyfreak

    though since he’s been amy’s friends since they were both kids…… id say its just a production error. but with moffat who rly knows

    • whopix

      hmmm… they could still have replaced him prior to The Eleventh Hour. I very much doubt it`s a production error. Either way, not long to go until we find out!

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