Blood of the Cybermen Walkthrough

OK, here it is.


Go to the right & examine the skidoo. Add the Sat Nav to your inventory. Step down onto the smaller ledge to your left. This runs a short cutscene showing Chisolm lying below on the ice floor.

Jump to your left. Move to the right to far end of the ledge and click Climb. This takes you down to the next level. Turn around 180 degrees and click Climb again. You are now on the ice floor. Chisolm is in front of you. Examine his backpack and add the Flask to your inventory. Move to the trickling water and use the Flask. A short cutscene will follow. Use the Sonic to heat the water. Return to Chisolm & use the Flask. Pick up the rope to run a cutscene where you throw the rope to Amy.

As Amy, pick up the rope, this will attach it to the skidoo & run the cutscene.

Move in front of Chisolm, following the path round until you reach the top. A cutscene plays. Turn round and push the block of ice twice so Chisolm can follow you. Move back up to the top of the ridge.

There are three ice flows you need to cross. Wait until each one moves up close to the next before stepping onto it or you will fall between. Jump & climb round to the tall block of ice. Use the sonic to heat it up then push it to make a bridge Chisolm can follow you on. This leads the two of you back to Amy & a cutscene.

In the TARDIS, solve the puzzle to rewire the SatNav. [Hint – it`s the yellow one!]


If you cross to where Chisolm has locked himself in he will tell you to find Meadows.

Cross to the dome – the building on the right – and examine the keypad on the door. This leads to a cutscene. As Amy, go left, cross to the steam vent and turn the wheel. Then go to the side and turn the second wheel to release the steam as the Cyberslave walks past.

Examine the Cyberslave and get the keycard. Return to the dome and use the keycard to get in. Take the left hand side of the corridor and examine the keypad on the door in front of you.

Turn around and enter the room to your left. Sonic the cybermat. Examine the laptop for info about Meadows. Return to the keypad & click Examine. This leads to a cutscene.

Enter the long room at the rear of the building and pick up the Distress Beacon from the shelf. Solve the puzzle [Hint – about an eighth, clockwise]. Enter the locker room & examine the vent. Use the sonic, leading to a cutscene.

As Amy, follow the Cyberslave around the room, keeping behind him. Examine the cables hanging from the roof. Then examine the wall switch. This will electrocute the cyberslave and lead to a cutscene.

As the Doctor pick up the Nano-Synthesiser to the right on the floor. As Amy, examine the locked locker & go to Chisolm and ask about the capacitor. Return to the locker room, click Use then click Pick Up to get the capacitor. Return to the radio room and select the capacitor from your inventory. This leads to a cutscene.

As the Doctor, examine the microscope and solve the two puzzles to synthesise the serum. Return to Chisolm and click Talk. This leads to a cutscene


Keep to the right and hide in the alcove to avoid the Cyberslaves. Climb down the ladder. At the next level take the first left. Climb down the ladder again and turn left. Cutscene.

Keep to the right of the room and make for the stairs. Click Use when you pass the lift controls. Cutscene.

As Amy, click Jump. Use the first control panel you come across. Cutscene. As the Dr, join Amy, using the same control panel. Cutscene. Go to the far end lift and Examine the broken console. Sonic it. Examine the next control panel to swing the bridge round. Return to the lift you came up on and click Jump twice. Turn right into the circular section & sonic the broken panel to bring down the lift. Sonic it again to raise the lift. Run into the control room. Cutscene. Solve the puzzle. Another cutscene follows.

Take the lift to your immediate right. Go straight ahead. Follow the corridor around, hiding at the back of the alcove to avoid the Cyberman. At the junction, go right into the conversion room. Examine each of Amy`s manacles in turn and sonic them. Examine the conversion controls.

Green controls the mirrors, blue the lasers, red activates. Poin the lasers at the mirrors and point the mirrors away from you to blast your way out.

Sneak past the Cyberman when he turns away from you and follow the path round to the control room. After the cutscene, solve the puzzle. There then follows another cutscene. To escape, run down the stairs, sonic the lift control, follow the path around and Examine the first door on the right.

Final cutscene and you`ve done it!



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17 responses to “Blood of the Cybermen Walkthrough

  1. skonnos

    ACT TWO : Any idea how to get past the Cyberguard inside the base. Dealt with the cybermat, checked the computer and done everything left to do? WHAT NEXT?

    • whopix

      As you can see from the completed Walkthrough Skonnos, the guard will not be there once you`ve checked on Meadows on the laptop…

  2. Andrew

    Where is Chisolm when you ask about the capacitor.

    • whopix

      After the initial cutscene, Chisolm runs to the building opposite the main dome and locks himself in. You have to talk to him via the comms panel to the side of the door.

  3. nathan

    “Keep to the right and hide in the alcove to avoid the Cyberslaves. Climb down the ladder. At the next level take the first left. Climb down the ladder again and turn left. Cutscene.”

    haha this does not help me at all 😛
    keeping to the right gets me found by the cybershade

  4. snuffy

    Ahh, I keep getting spotted by the cyberslaves at the third part! I can get past the first one but then there’s the second one!

  5. Phoenix

    Enjoying this game a little more than City of the Daleks… Have to be honest. Good efforts by the creators.

  6. ashleigh

    where is the lift when you have to escape from the exploding base? 🙂

  7. ashleigh

    never mind my comment about the lift!! i found it 🙂 thanks anyway! 🙂

  8. fdsfggghsh

    what side? i see 1 to the left of the door where the mat is crawling over a roof but i says theres nothing to pressurise

    • whopix

      Sorry but I`ve no idea what you`re on about! Start again – which section of the game are you stuck on & what`s your problem?

  9. Violet Cullen

    When Amy falls from the ventilation and has to kill the cyberslave, he doesn’t move! He just stands there, then Amy gets deleted. Help me please! I’m near to giving up =/ ❤

    • whopix

      Hi Violet – look at paragraph six of act two of the walkthrough. You need to examine the cables and the wall switch to electrocute the cyberslave. But remember to keep behind him or he`ll get you!

      • Violet Cullen

        Thanks, but the thing is I try to do that and I was so close, but he hasn’t moved – or I’ve run too fast. I can’t seem to do City Of The Daleks either. On act 1 when you need to get to the tardis, I was nearly there but then Amy got exterminated. I’m starting to think I should givev these two a miss but I don’t want to be beaten by a computer game 😦 :/

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