New Sonic News!

I dunno about you but I`m a sucker for Sonics – love `em! And thanks to doctor who toys dot net I found THIS today –

– which has pretty much made my day – Matt Smith at the Proms aside – as it`s long overdue. Deffo buying this and just hope that they bring out a solid silver one as well – colour that is, not material – like Tom used to use.

There was a bloke doing machined aluminium ones on Ebay for squillions – I think I`ll happily settle for a £14.99 one thanks, or whatever they flog it for.

When I was a kid, we had to make do with making a Sonic out of Meccano, no electric toothbrushes then, oh no… kids today? Don`t know they`re bleedin` born…

UPDATE – 27/07/10

Just popped over to Eye of Horus and found another pic where I spotted something I missed first time round, though it was there if I`d looked properly:


I`m sorry for coming over all fanboy but this is brilliant! What we would have given for a toy like this back in the day.

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