BLOOPERS – The Stones of Blood

When it comes to bloopers, its amazing the things that you miss on repeated viewings that all of a sudden leap out at you. Take Stones for instance – these screengrabs include what must be one of the most stonkingest examples of in-vision members of the crew ever seen in the show. But how many times did it take me to spot it? Don`t ask…

So that makes a total of six bloopers : the in-vision bloke only really counts as one as it`s three grabs from the same sequence.



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2 responses to “BLOOPERS – The Stones of Blood

  1. John S. Hall

    IIRC, there’s also a boom mike (or its shadow) in part three while Romana and Professor Rumford are discussing Vivian Fey’s allergies to citric acid and her cookery book! 🙂

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