BLOOPERS – The Dalek Masterplan

Here are some bloopers from episode 2 :

In this first one, it looks like there are TV Cameras on Kemble as well as Daleks!

At a mere 54 seconds in, that must surely be some sort of record? And secondly, here`s why you should never go for an extreme close-up…

Mavic Chen`s make-up has always been a puzzler to me. He`s a weird looking oriental/african mix with eyebrows from Xeros. Couldn`t they have just given Kevin Stoney the comedy beard and saved themselves all that hassle? What were they thinking of?

UPDATE 14/08/10:

Here`s another couple that I`ve spotted!

Not absolutley certain that this is a blooper but I`m pretty sure we`re not meant to see William Hartnell in the background! And speaking of people we`re not meant to see…

It looks like there`s more than one spy at the Daleks` secret meeting!

UPDATE 19/06/11:

Just spotted another one – The shadow on this Dalek is the studio camera that`s too close to it!

and here`s another boom shadow –


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