BLOOPERS – The Time Warrior

Like I said earlier, I love The Time Warrior but it`s not without its faults – and I don`t just mean plotwise [how does Lynx know where to find the scientists?].

The first Blooper is either the record holder for the earliest ever or it`s stretching the definition to the limit…

First up, before we even get to the action, episode one`s new title sequence makes a bid for blooperdom. If you watch the title sequence in slow motion at the bottom edges you`ll see what I can only assume are two artefacts that dear old Bernard Lodge didn`t notice when he was compiling the sequence frame by frame. They`re there on the Tom version too.

This next one is a glaringly obvious boom microphone shadow: 


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  1. Hey! I noticed a blooper on Part 4! If you look veeeery closely when the Doctor is on the ground, you can see Jon’s microphone and the wire connecting to it!

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