TARDIS Adventure Game Walkthrough

OK, here`s the walkthrough for the third adventure game – TARDIS!

Act One
After the initial cutscene, activate the controls on the highlighted panels.
When the scanner is highlighted, click Talk
Go upstairs and you will find yourself back in the console room
Go back to the scanner and activate the controls on the highlighted panels
Now you can go upstairs to the drawing room

After the cutscene, go round the room examining the various objects. After a while a cutscene will play where a wall safe opens and a jar falls out. Collect the laser screwdriver from the safe and head back to the console room.

Go to the highlighted panel and get the laser screwdriver from your inventory. This leads to the first game.

When you`ve completed the game activate the controls on the highlighted panel to align the beam with the Dr. HINT – there are two controls you have to use!

Act Two
Examine the highlighted panels – this leads to a cutscene
Go to the drawing room and sonic the chronon blocker, this leads to the second game.
After the cutscene, pick up the fob watch. After a short cutscene, this leads into the third game, which is followed by another cutscene.

Returning to the console room, examine the highlighted panel and get the Tachyon Loop from your inventory. Go back to the drawing room and pick up the distress beacon. Go back to the console room and go to the highlighted panel to the right side of the one where you placed the Tachyon Loop. Get the distress beacon from your inventory – this leads to the tricky fourth game. HINT – the two dials need to be turned to just under a quarter and three quarters of the way respectively.

Following the cutscene, examine the highlighted scanner and answer the 10 questions. If you don`t know your Who, then make sure you examine all the objects in the drawing room! A cutscene closes act two.

Act Three
With the Entity dispatched, you can explore the console as either the Dr or Amy. HINT -Make a note of the various controls you find on each panel…
Talk to Amy and then choose the Launch the Tardis option.

To finish the game, you need to activate the controls the Dr mentions within 60 seconds.
This is really quite hard to do in the time given – controlling the Dr and getting to the right panel is really tricky. When you activate all five controls quickly enough a closing cutscene finishes the game off.

This is quite a short game compared to the others. The Entity is dispatched fairly easily and quite quickly but then defeating the enemy isn`t the point of this game!


8 thoughts on “TARDIS Adventure Game Walkthrough

  1. When you’re building the Tachyon Loop, is there some trick or do you just have to try until it’s done?

  2. just hit all the buttons untill it works.
    i did the same thing on thse round ones in the other episodes where more greens than blues and such.
    when your matching the wave get the peaks and troughs first then try to align it.

    just finished. short game not much thought required. i liike the puzzls more.

    • Yup it is – the trick is to try not to go past the panel you need to activate a control on. Just go far enough for it to be highlighted. Which isn`t easy when you`re controlling him with the mouse!

      • ah. i use the mose to view and the keys to move. found it a bit easyer. i found the hard bit remembering the controls.

  3. How do i use the screwdriver on the consol,(act1) it wont let me, i have it thou because i have been in the safe. is there something i need to press?

    • When you get back to the console room, go to the highlighted panel. A cutscene will play. The laser screwdriver is now in the console, all you have to do is adjust the controls to point the tractor beam at the Dr!

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