BLOOPERS – Pyramids of Mars

Thanks to Combom for flagging up that TV`s Greatest Mistakes show that was on BBCThree recently. Luckily for me, most of the stuff was discontinuities, which I`m avoiding in this series of Blooper posts. And yes, there were some in there that I missed myself. But they also didn`t include many of the ones I`ve posted about here, so I think that makes us about even. It just goes to show what you miss when you see what you`re looking at!

Of course they had to include The Most Famousest Dr Who Blooper Ever, yes folks let`s give it up for The Hand of Sutekh!

But there`s a better one than that much earlier in the story.

PoM was a difficult story effects-wise, you only need to look at the DVD extras to see what an arse they made of the roll-back-and-mix effects. But the sets proved problematic too. For instance, take a look at the TARDIS here and spot the copious use of white gaffer tape…

But here`s an absolute belter of a blooper that I bet you`ve never noticed in all the times you`ve watched this story –

Yup, it`s those bloody BBC Cameras again – they get everywhere!

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