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Dominators DVD Easter Egg

OK, so yesterday I finally got my DVD of The Dominators and reworked the Fan Edit I made from the downloaded VHS. And then I pop over to the GBase News Page only to find that Mervyn Haisman has snuffed it! Spooky or what!

Anyway, here`s where to find the Dominators egg…


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BLOOPERS! – Logopolis

Not much of a blooper I know, but I`m sure we weren`t meant to see that Ant`s wearing a white T-shirt under his black velvet penguin suit…

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BLOOPERS! – The Keeper of Traken

Three bloopers from the Traken Union –

In this first one, you can see where the Tardis walls stop…

Here, you can see the crew reflected in the glass panel of the clock…

And again…!

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The Keeper of Traken – DVD Easter Egg

Here`s where you can find the Traken Easter Egg:

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Warriors` Gate – DVD Easter Egg

Here`s where you can find the Warriors` Gate Easter Egg:

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BLOOPERS! – Meglos

Back in October 2010 I posted the following six bloopers from the VHS of this story. I`ve now got the DVD so I`ve updated the bloopers with much-improved screengrabs. The only way I think Meglos will be much improved is with a Fan Edit!

In this first one, we have the age old problem of a Director forgetting how risky wide shots can be…

Next, the make-up girls did their best, but you can still see the join…

Even on Tigella they have problems with their boom shadows…

And now, back to the lights in the jungle…

I suppose this is a blooper. I doubt we were meant to see it…

And finally, it`s a bit difficult to see even on a DVD screengrab but trust me, you can clearly see the wire pulling along old cactus-features…

Strange looking back at this, first time I`ve watched it in years [and now I know why]. Pretty dreadful script with some nice performances. Not sure about the Stunt Casting of dear old Jackie Hill either. If it had been a Colin Baker story instead it`d probably be considered better than Timelash…

UPDATE – 09.08.2011 :

Since I made the intial post I`ve done that Fan Edit and look what I found! Another 15 bloopers!

Did you know the console was held together with black gaffa tape? Neither did I!

Leaving aside the issue of why all the Tigellans wear wigs, someone in the Make Up dept clearly cut them a bit too short…

Now honestly, if you were going to use a book to prop up a wonky hatstand, would you go to all the trouble of marking which one was the wonky leg on the floor…

As the camera pans across, watch the model planet. It sways just a little toward the very end of the shot. The white lines are the wires holding it up.

Watch the chinese guy as he falls off the ramp on the bluescreen set…

At least they tried doing shadows with CSO, even if they didn`t quite pull it off…

`Ere Lexa, wossat on yer `ead?

Looks like Meglos flunked either spelling or typing at the Zolfa Thuran Institute for Evil Geniuses…

Tigellans aren`t all natural blondes – it`s a wig! I can see it`s a wig!

Now where have I seen those before…?

This is my personal favourite – how on earth did I miss this camera coming into shot the first time round???

Haven`t seen one of those since Pyramids of Mars…

Now this is a weird one – just what is this thick black bar obscuring I wonder? Any ideas?

And just to finish off with, here`s a couple of lovely boom shadows…


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The Leisure Hive – DVD Easter Egg

Here`s where you can find the single Easter Egg on the Leisure Hive DVD:

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BLOOPER! Black Orchid

I know we`re working our way through Classic Who in order but I just spotted this yesterday while I was working on the Fan Edit of Black Orchid [which comes in at a mere 27minutes]…

When the chauffeur drops off the Dr & the kids at Lord Cranleigh`s cricket match, you can see the film crew reflected in the car!

black orchid blooper


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The Mysterious Planet Fan Edit – Part 4

It`s Fan Edit Friday and here`s the final part of the Mysterious Planet – minus the Trial sequences – for you to enjoy!

The Mysterious Planet Part 4


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