Shadows of the Vashta Nerada Walkthrough

Adventure Game 4 was released today and, since I`ve already done walkthroughs for the other three, here`s the walkthrough for this one, which I reckon is the hardest of the lot so far:


After the introduction, head down the corridor. You are looking for a door with a keypad. When the keypad on the wall highlights, sonic it. This will bring up the keypad and you simply input the same sequence of digits that light up on the keypad. Some sequences are longer than others! Keep doing this until you get to the cutscene with Flanagan.

After this, click “Talk” to speak to Jones the computer. You will then be given various options for conversing with her. The sequence is “guarding doors”, “clever jones”, “how about a compromise” and the one that leads to the cutscene and the end of the act is “let us in”.

After the intro cutscene, head for the far door and talk to Jones. Sonic the highlighted wall panel and play the game that follows. [Warning – you only get two attempts, otherwise the Vashta will munch you up!] It can be quite tricky timing this one correctly. I found the way to do it is to hit the power button slightly early to allow for your own reaction time. Don`t hit the button when you think the two LEDs are aligned, you`ll be too late and you`ll get munched.

After this, head down to the Generator. A cutscene will play. Head down to the far end ofthe walkway and click “Use” when the control panel highlights. Head back to the ladder and climb down. Follow the Vashta ahead of you carefully, when he passes through the arch you will see a block in front of you. Don`t click “Push” until you see him about to turn the corner up ahead of you. When he does, push the block and head back to the ladder. [Warning – it may take a few attempts to get this right!] Climb up and go back to the panel, wait until the Vashta is about to walk into the light and click. The light will come on and the Vashta will die. Do this with both Vashtas.

Once they`re dead a short cutscene will play. After this, go to the other end of the geneerator room and click on the highlighted panel. There then follows the same rewiring game you`ve played before. Then a cutscene plays.

As Amy, follow the red-lit sections of corridor until you come to a T-junction. [Warning- the timing on this is pretty tricky. Get it wrong and Amy will be Vashta food!] At the junction, go left and click on the highlighted panel. Then head back to the Doctor, following the red-lit sections as before.

When you get back to the Doctor, you have to do some more rewiring. After the next cutscene head back to Jones the computer. After the next cutscene, go around Jones and head out the door at the rear of the room. Follow Dana and talk to her. In the conversation options, the one that leads to the next cutscene is “Oswald`s trust”. [Hint – Don`t bother to talk to Oswald]

Head out and collect the three ingredients, they are fairly easy to find. Then head back to Dana. A cutscene will play. The head into the Rec Room [the christmassy one] and click the two highlighted panels either side of the console at the head of the gallery walkway. [it`s directly above the rock!]. A final cutscene will play to end Act Two.

Just like you did before, follow the lights down the corridor. Turn the valve wheel to shut off the steam. As Amy, head up the ladder. Now you`re coming to the trickiest part of the entire game!

Ahead of you is a Vashta, creep forward as he turns the corner away from you and you will see a button on the wall highlight. Click “Use” and a cutscene will play. Do this before you try to lure the Vashtas into the bilge room. This is quite tricky to do, try to get both Vashtas together if you can to make it easier. You can do tis by heading back towards the ladder and the other Vashta down the corridor. If you time it right, when it turns round, one should be behind the other. The secret is to turn and run when the proximity indicator [the small triangle with an excalamation mark in the top right corner of the screen] turns yellow. If it goes red then you`re probably going to be lunch!

When you finally get them both in the room, keep to the outside edge of the opposite wall. If you`re quick you will get past the Vashta. Hit the button and the doors will close, trapping them both inside.

After the ensuing cutscene, climb up the ladder. A cutscene plays in the engine room.
Turn the valve wheel to turn off the steam jet. As Amy, climb the stairs, dodging the steam jets and the lightning bolts. When you get to the top, a cutscene plays. As the Doctor, turn the vlave wheel again and make the same journey to the top once more. When you join Amy the gam is over and you can enjoy the final cutscene. Hooray!

These have been really enjoyable games to play, with the only downside being the awkward use of the mouse to move characters around. That`s a bit of a pain in the arse in all honesty. And it took a bit of getting used to, given the long gap between the release of the last game and this one. Overall though, great fun and I`m loking forward to the next batch in 2011.

And yes, I know I said I wasn`t gonna post again until New Year, but I couldn`t ignore this could I… and yes, after this I won`t be posting again until the New Year! Promise.


2 thoughts on “Shadows of the Vashta Nerada Walkthrough

    • The answer is I`m simply too damn busy! I really enjoyed doing the walkthroughs for the others but I just don`t have the time anymore.

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