Four To Doomsday BLOOPERS!

As we`ve seen before in this series some stories come off worse than others in the Blooper Stakes. There`s considerably more than four bloopers in this story!

Ok, let`s start with our old scene-stealing friend, Mr Boom-Microphone…

That TARDIS prop is looking a bit tatty already and it`s only its second season…

That`s a lovely Boom Mic Shadow that is, perhaps its on holiday from The Dominators

Tricky things in a TV studio, reflective surfaces…

I don`t care what they say, studio lights NEVER look like part of the set. It didn`t bloody work on Earthshock

…and it sure as hell doesn`t work here either!

Did they have Kung Fu Clubs in ancient China…?

This bloke`s dressed a bit modern for an ancient Chinese too!

Looks like that bloke Monarch`s built his spaceship on a budget…

Who opened the doors again?

Whoever he is, we`re not meant to see the back of his head…

Who`s this then?

That`s 12 bloopers in total, which makes this one of the worst offenders to date!



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2 responses to “Four To Doomsday BLOOPERS!

  1. You’ve missed two in one there. Watching today was so taken by the timber planks in the ceiling, I missed your spot of the t shirt wearing ancient Chinese.

  2. I noticed the moment from Part one of “Four to Doomsday” (18:20) and thought that was the only one to have spotted it because I Googled it, but couldn’t find anything on the Internet about it. Until now…

    Nice to know I wasn’t the only one who saw this. The dude who’s head can be seen is director John Black. Just before this scene is shot, he (in a behind the scenes clip from the DVD) is giving actor Stratford Johns his direction. He then steps over to this part of the set and, rather than leave simply crouches down!

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