BLOOPERS! – The Mutants

Ok, here`s all the bloopers I`ve managed to find for the latest Pertwee DVD, The Mutants. It`s a story that I didn`t recall very well as it never made much of an impression on me. It`s ok but the story never really grips you and none of the characters really engage you. And Cotton, bless him, is a dreadful actor and completely miscast – he`s right up there with Aidan Murphy from The Time Monster. They should have shot him instead of good old Stubbsy!

So here goes –

Directors always need to be on the look out for studio lights being reflected in shot…

… as well as boom microphone shadows!

Like I was saying…

… it`s not just the shadow you need to watch out for!

Costume designers also need to be careful to hide the joins…

And the props dept needs to make sure those masks are quite sturdy, no bits dropping off on location…

Studio lights + shiny helmets [!] = blooper!

I dunno what they were trying to mask off here in this CSO shot, but I`m sure it wasn`t Varan`s hand!

Here we can see how many lights Chris Barry used on location. Four of `em, all nicely reflected in the Marshall`s helmet…

It`s not terribly clear from this screengrab, but there`s a boom shadow crossing Pertwee`s face here…

Not entirely sure what these are, but I`m certain we weren`t meant to see them!

Wide shots can be tricky if you don`t want the audience to see that boom microphone up in the top right corner of the screen…

Looks like the maintenance budget for Skybase has been cut…

And finally, watch out in case your cameras get too close to your actors…

Right, I`m off out now to buy The Ark!


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