Ok, it`s time to roll out the blooperfest that is The Ark!

Before we get going, let me just point out that the current Blooper Champion is The Dominators. Sad to say, as well as having probably the most rubbish aliens in the entire history of Who – ok, maybe a close run thing with the Krotons – it`s also a story with a helluva lot of bloopers. But will there be enough for us to have a new Blooper Champion?

Well, let`s count `em up as we go…. Blooper Hunting!


Here`s a good one to start off with – our first boom mic in shot!

Next, that looks like a member of the crew to me, not the crew of the Ark that is…

Here`s our first boom mic shadow. Be warned, there`s a lotta these [same guy from The Dominators maybe?]

That`s the shadow of the camera that took the previous close-up trying – and failing – to get out of this shot without anyone noticing…

Boom Mic Shadow #2…

Oh look, the Doctor`s wearing a wig…

Ok, if you`re gonna have a monster that`s just a man in a rubber suit, waddling like a constipated penguin, the least you can do is try and cover up the bloody zip at the back of the costume. And certainly don`t let them turn their back to the camera!


Was the budget so tight they couldn`t even run to a new sheet of plywood?

Boom Mic Shadow #3

Boom Mic In Shot #2

Boom Mic Shadow #4

Boom Mic Shadow #5

This one`s quite tricky to spot, as it runs down the edge of the wall, but believe me, this is Boom Mic Shadow #6 [can you see a pattern developing here?]

and here`s Boom Mic Shadow #7!


Just for a change, here`s something different – look closely and you can see the camera reflected in the monitor!

Zip Alert #2

Studio lights reflected…

Zip Alert #3

“Invisble” wires #1…

Dodgy painted backdrop [reused in Time-flight!]

Boom Mic Shadow #8 – and it`s huge! Just look at the size o` that thing on the wa` behind ye, Docturrr…

Could somebody call Wardrobe please…

“Invisible” wires #2

Zip Alert #4

Zip Alert #5 [you`d think Mike Imison would have learned by now, wouldn`t you…]

Zip Alert #6 [what did I say…]

Zip Alert #7

Boom Mic Shadow #9

Boom Mic Shadow #10

Boom Mic Shadow #11

Zip Alert #8

The fact that someone`s left a door open, causing a breeze to move this backcloth somewhat spoils the illusion… [it looks kinda reddish or orangey in the background of the colour photo of Jackie Lane on the set] And notice the lack of a plywood panel on the electric buggy/cart thingy…

“Invisible” wires #3

Camera Reflected In Monitor #2

Boom Mic Shadow #12 – and it`s an absolute belter!

It`s not just this bloke, there`s a female extra just after him and they both walk right acros the bottom of this inlay shot, totally ruining the effect. Nice one!

Zip Alert #9

Boom Mic Shadow #13

Boom Mic Shadow #14

Zip Alert #10

Boom Mic Shadow #15

Boom Mic Shadow #16

Boom Mic Shadow #17

Boom Mic Shadow #18

Boom Mic Shadow #19

Ok, so how did you do with your counting?



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3 responses to “BLOOPERS! – The Ark

  1. Tom

    Blimey well done for spotting all of those. By my count that is as many bloppers as it is currently years old.

  2. whopix

    So it is, you`re right! Never noticed that until you pointed it out. Just call me The Blooper Hunter!

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