The £50,000 Breakfast – a Mr Meaker moment

Mr Meaker Moments – in honor of Ed Brayshaw – are those moments when you`re watching some old ITC show and spot an actor who`s been in Doctor Who. Thing is, it only works one way. For example –

You watch Rentaghost and say “Oh look, it’s the War Chief”.
You don`t watch The War Games and go “Oh look, it’s Mr Meaker”!


I was watching this episode of The Avengers on DVD – Diana Rigg Era, of course – when who did I spot but Anneke Wills!

Now according to The Avengers Forever site [sadly no longer updated] this episode finished production on 20th July 1967. Given that Polly has short hair in The Macra Terror, which wrapped on 6th May 1967, was she wearing a wig in The Faceless Ones? Looks like it, as she finished filming that on April 8th.

The Avengers Forever – The £50,000 Breakfast

You can also spot John Laurimore from The Masque of Mandragora in this episode…


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