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Banishing those DVD Blues…

None of my local shops had Revisitations 2 yesterday, which put a real downer on my day. But it didn’t last long as – quite by chance – I discovered that two TV shows that I`ve been longing to see again are out on DVD – The Double Deckers and The Feathered Serpent!

I`ve been waiting for these to come out on DVD for ages. Haven’t seen these since original transmission but I’ve never forgotten them – especially dear old Pat Troughton`s turn as that creepy aztec priest.

Stand by for a Nostalgiafest!

Double Deckers – Wikipedia


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The Return of the Target Novelisation!

After Combom, Blogtor Who is probably my fave WhoSite and thanks to the nice people over there we`ve got our first swatch at what may the first batch of soon-to-be-released Target Novelisations.

I`m a bit conflicted over this – for one I don’t think much of the gold logo they’ve used but I am pleased they’ve used the original artwork, that they`re less than a fiver and that they’ve got introductions from various Who luminaries including RTD and Uncle Tewwance himself. And I suppose it`s a chance for New Who fans to read some Target without having to get ripped off on Ebay to do it.

I`m sure there are those who have the originals who will buy these re-issues simply for completeness, but I can`t help thinking that, given that all these stories have already been released as audiobooks, it`s another case of buying the same thing twice!

Take The Silurians for instance – you bought the original target paperback, then you bought the VHS, then you bought the DVD, then you bought the narrated soundtrack CD, then you bought the audiobook version of your target novelisation and now you`re going to buy a re-issue of that original target novelisation which you`ve still got! The same story, six times! Still, it`s your money and if it makes you happy, go ahead and knock yourself out. Wouldn’t be me though. I`ll need to do a Fan Edit of the story now just so you can have a complete set!

Blogtor Who

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Silly Nemesis

At the end of Part One of Silly Nemesis Silver Nemesis, just as the Cybermen turn up, there`s a flipped shot of McCoy –

[HINT – it`s the watch chain that gives it away…]


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The Avengers – Mr Meaker Moments

Here`s some more Mr Meaker Moments from The Avengers , the colour Diana Rigg episodes-

first up is…

Barrie Ingham from the first Peter Cushing Dalek Movie…


Dead Man`s Treasure has three Whoboys in it, first up, on the left we have Edwin Richfield [Captain Hart in The Sea Devils, Mestor in The Twin Dilemma] and on the right, Neil McCarthy [Thawn from The Power of Kroll and Sam in Catweazle series One – ok, I know that`s not a Who reference but if you`re of a certain age you`ll remember him from that too!]

and thirdly, you might not recognise him, but this is Rio Fanning – Harker from Horror of Fang Rock!

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More Target Mockups

Here`s a few more Target-style covers from the archive –

First up is the brilliant Anthony Dry`s “Dalek” – anybody know what`s happened to his website – gravis art dot com?

Next is a more Classic Target-y version of Jeff Cummins Unearthly Child – this is what they should have used instead of the tardis in the junkyard [reminds me of that first Time Team illo…]

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Snakedance – DVD Easter Egg

This one took quite a bit of finding, it`s not where they usually put these things…

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On Target – Lee Johnson 2

Here`s some more of Lee Johnson`s brilliant artwork, mocked up as Target Novelisation covers – and don`t they look great!

Lee Johnson`s Dr Who Art – Facebook


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