BLOOPERS! – Revenge of the Cybermen

I got Revenge recently on DVD, did a Blooper Hunt and the results are in. Some of these are pointed out on the DVD, but some of `em ain`t!

First up, we`ve got the opening CSO shot with the Dr, Sarah & Harry – if you look you`ll see that Harry`s leg is partially masked by something or other. I dunno what it is with these kind of shots but if you remember something similar happened with Varan in The Mutants

Those aren`t extras playing the corpses in the corridor, they`re dummies. Very unconvincing dummies. Maybe it looks better in Black & White. On a very small screen…

As well as giving you a better look at the “dead” dummies, this shot lets you see that the stars`re not stars, they`re rope lights. And you can see the rope…

Ok, you could spend ages pointing out the dummy thing, so instead let`s notice that the ark isn`t floating in space but resting on the studio floor…

Hmmm, that Vogan light looks very familiar…

There`s a Cyberman in The Five Doctors with a wobbly helmet too…

This next one`s a bit of a Scaroth moment, as you can see that there`s a bloke inside the mask…

Next up is the dodgy door that doesn`t know whether it wants to close or not…

Just in case you missed him the first time…

…there really is a bloke inside that cyber-suit!

If you were being strictly accurate, I suppose you could say that seeing the bloke inside the cyber-suit isn`t strictly a blooper – but this last one sure is:


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3 responses to “BLOOPERS! – Revenge of the Cybermen

  1. i literally laughed out so loud about what you said about the dodgy door

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