On Target – Lee Johnson

When I came across Lee Johnson`s Dr Who art whilst Googling, I was immediately struck by how much they reminded me of Target Novelisation Covers. Of course we sadly don`t get them any more, but if we did I hope they would look something like this –

Don`t they look fantastic? It was great fun mocking these covers up and made me quite nostalgic for the old days…

You can see the originals at Lee Johnson`s Facebook Page



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2 responses to “On Target – Lee Johnson

  1. Those are fantastic! Though I rather doubt the BBC Wales single episode format would make for good Target novels…

    • whopix

      If they really were to do them I assume they would put both eps together under one title like Flesh and Stone for both weeping angel episodes. The minute I saw Lee`s work I just thought – those are Target covers! And they look great!

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