Silly Nemesis

At the end of Part One of Silly Nemesis Silver Nemesis, just as the Cybermen turn up, there`s a flipped shot of McCoy –

[HINT – it`s the watch chain that gives it away…]


3 thoughts on “Silly Nemesis

  1. I actually thought Silver Nemesis was one of McCoy’s better stories. But then I’m a sentimentalist and try to be nice to the later Dr Whos.

    • Nothing wrong with trying to be nice, when you can be! Sorry but that`s something I find really hard to do with the McCoy era as there`s so litttle about it I like. With possible exceptions like Dragonfire, Remembrance and Fenric…

      • I think I just really like the Dr and Ace. That must be it. Sylvester and Sophie have a lot of chemistry.

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