The Return of the Target Novelisation!

After Combom, Blogtor Who is probably my fave WhoSite and thanks to the nice people over there we`ve got our first swatch at what may the first batch of soon-to-be-released Target Novelisations.

I`m a bit conflicted over this – for one I don’t think much of the gold logo they’ve used but I am pleased they’ve used the original artwork, that they`re less than a fiver and that they’ve got introductions from various Who luminaries including RTD and Uncle Tewwance himself. And I suppose it`s a chance for New Who fans to read some Target without having to get ripped off on Ebay to do it.

I`m sure there are those who have the originals who will buy these re-issues simply for completeness, but I can`t help thinking that, given that all these stories have already been released as audiobooks, it`s another case of buying the same thing twice!

Take The Silurians for instance – you bought the original target paperback, then you bought the VHS, then you bought the DVD, then you bought the narrated soundtrack CD, then you bought the audiobook version of your target novelisation and now you`re going to buy a re-issue of that original target novelisation which you`ve still got! The same story, six times! Still, it`s your money and if it makes you happy, go ahead and knock yourself out. Wouldn’t be me though. I`ll need to do a Fan Edit of the story now just so you can have a complete set!

Blogtor Who


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