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Starlord – The Time War

If, like me, you`re old enough to remember 2000AD when it first came out then you`ll probably remember Starlord too. The first issue came with a choice of six free metallic badges. I remember hunting through the newsagents until I found a Time Warden one…

And if you do remember it, then the story you`ll remember most is probably Timequake, which I think was the first to feature a Time War. Any chance that, thirty years later, maybe RTD remembered this too?

Starlord Comic – Timequake


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Lis Sladen RIP

1948 – 2011

Absolutely gutted and shocked to hear that Lis Sladen has died.

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BLOOPER! – The Talons of Weng-Chiang

I`ve just finished watching Talons and spotted this blooper in part six – the pedestal of the camera that takes the next shot after this one!

UPDATE 07.08.2012 :

I`m currently Fan Editing the story and spotted this one that I`ve missed until now…

In part one, when Buller confronts Chang, there`s a microphone in the bottom right corner of the screen!

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Double-barrell Daleks

double daleks 1double daleks 2

Now there`s an idea – twice the firepower!


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Patrick Troughton IS Jason King!

“Jason King” was a spin-off from “Department S”, starring Peter “Timanov” Wyngarde – this pic is from an episode where Pat`s character is impersonating JK – and it`s a cracker!

Groovy Doctor, groo-vee!


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Toys! – Yeti AF & Tom Sonic!

Two good pieces of news on the toy front – first up, looks like CO are planning a Yeti mk2 Action Figure!

Not exactly the most articulated figure ever, but another accurate sculpt. Now all we need are some UNIT soldiers [and a Brig of course!] and we can recreate Web of Fear! [Somebody please tell me it comes with a control sphere…]

Other good bit of news – the Tom Sonic is out a week on Monday, alongside Planet of the Spiders or of you`ve been watching Megamind recently like I have, Planet of the Spee-iders!

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Dr Who in HAMLET

“HAMLET” is a long-running strip in The Stage – the weekly paper for people in the acting profession. Doctor Who gets a few mentions – and here they all are, so far anyway…

Visit THE STAGE website

[The link to the Hamlet Archive is halfway down on the left]

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