BLOOPERS! – Planet of the Spiders


If you`re not that keen on the old eight-legs then maybe this blooperpost isn`t for you!

First off, there`s the eternal problem of studio lights getting reflected in shot. This isn`t the first one of these either…

And just in case you missed it the first time, five minutes later – there it is again!

They should have banned the wearing of glasses in 70s TV studios, they really should…

Somethign a bit different next. Although it`s not trerribly clear from this screengrab [featuring the info text writer`s fave extra!] but believe me, if you look closely there is a boom mic shadow passing actross Jon`s bonce…

The model spiders create all sorts of blooper casualties… for instance, if they`d only put the Queen Spider on a little raised cushion to hide the control rod, it would have been a lot more convincing…

Here, the movement underneath Lupton`s Spider is what gives the game away. And the little ball bearing on the end of it`s leg…

All together now all you Queen fans, “flat-bottomed girls you make that spider world go round!”

And if you missed it before, here`s a lovely close-up of the Queen Spider`s control rod…

Didn`t know they had Velcro on Metebelis 3, did you?

Get those bloody glasses off!

Now here`s a cracker – up in the top left you can see the head of the bloke who`s operating The Great One…

Next, here`s a BBC TV Camera making an unscheduled appearance!

And finally, some invisible wire that`s quite visible…

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