BLOOPERS! – The Silurians

When I was Fan Editing this story I wasn`t really doing a Blooper Hunt, but still spotted the following –

first up, here`s a lovely boom shadow…

Nice to see that it wasn`t only Warriors of the Deep that had dodgy costumes…

Someone really should have sorted them out before they went on set…

Next, here`s a camera cameo!

Can you see the join?

And finally, it`s not entirely clear from this screengrab, but if you check your DVD, you`ll see this shadow moving. It`s the camera that took the previous close-up of Pertwee turning back to get ready for the Brig when he makes his entrance!

There are plenty more instances of dodgy cossies on display, as well as the usual studio lights reflected in miners helmets[!], but these`ll do for now…


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