Reign of Terror – ANIMATED!

Just as I suspected – and hoped – when the schedule for the remaining DVD releases was announced, incomplete Hartnell story The Reign of Terror will have it`s missing episodes animated!

From the looks of this test image – via good old Combom – it looks as though the animation is going to be just as good as what we got on The Invasion, or maybe even better. [reminds me a bit of Anthony Dry`s illustrations] And whilst it`s great to have another incomplete story completed via animation, I do wonder why they chose to do this with Reign first? I mean we can all think of other incomplete stories we`d rather see first… So I think it`s a fairly safe bet that The Ice Warriors and The Tenth Planet will get the same treatment.

I loved the animated Invasion episodes, in fact I think I preferred them over their live action counterparts! There`s something about B&W Who in particular that lends itself to animation. And if, as it seems to be, it`s a kind of Manga-style production, that`s even better. [Anyone else love that Pertwee Manga Who video on YouTube?]

Of course, exciting though this news is, it`s real significance is what it potentially means for animated versions of all those Missing Stories – what odds now for an animated Power of the Daleks? Or The Web of Fear?

Is it too much to hope for that every fan`s dream of a complete set of Dr Who has just moved a little closer to coming true?



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4 responses to “Reign of Terror – ANIMATED!

  1. Mel

    I know it’s almost a year since you posted this and in the meantime you probably figured out the difference, but in case you haven’t yet: mangas are the grafic novels/comic books, whereas anime are the animated cartoons 🙂 hope that helps!

    • whopix

      Ah… thanks for that! Anime = animated. Got it. Cheers!

      Was it really a year ago? Blimey. [Mind you, that post was only part of this final one.]

      And hey, thank you for still being here a year later!

      • Mel

        I actually just found your blog a few days ago 🙂 Still, glad I could help.

        I’ve been a fan of DW for a few years now, since the the first new series started airing on BBC Prime (now BBC entertainment). My mum said we should watch it, as it was a show she watched when she was a kid and I’ve been hooked ever since! Then I started to realise there’s this whole side of the whoniverse I have no idea about. And seeing amazing blogs like yours and Combon’s has really inspired me to start watching the classic series! So here’s a big thank you from me!! 😀 God knows I’ll have plenty of time now in the summer as I’ve got a full three months of summer holidays. Result! 😀

  2. whopix

    My little blog? Amazing? Really? Why thank you!

    And hey, don`t forget the Fan Edits!

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