November 23rd 2013…


Check HERE if you don`t believe me!

Now I would never have thought that the actual Fiftieth Anniversary would really fall on the very same day of the week as An Unearthly Child. But it does!

How cool is that?

Maybe the realisation that whatever we get will be shown 50 years TO THE DAY since it all started might cheer people up after Danny Cohen`s “bombshell” anouncement today that there would be no Full Series in 2012. OMG? Nah, not really…

Personally I┬áthink a wee rest will do everyone good just as it did for RTD & Tennant. Though I`d much rather David had gone out on a full series… and aren`t they moving studios AGAIN? Maybe that`s got something to do with it too…

The thing that intrigues me the most though is this “14 episodes commissioned” stuff – I mean think about it –

one of the 14 must be the 2011 Xmas Special. So that leaves 13 eps. But hold on, one of THEM must be the 2012 Xmas special! I can`t see the Beeb not having the Doc on Xmas day, so that leaves 12 eps – presumably 6 in 2012, the other 6 in 2013.

So this year – 2011 – we`ve got the last 6 eps of series 6 this autumn, then the xmas special.

Then next year – 2012 – we`ve got the first 6 eps of series 7 in the autumn – maybe – and the xmas special?

Then the following year -2013, Anniversary Year – we`ve got the last 6 eps of series 7 in the spring – maybe – and then what? Series 8 in the autumn? Ending on Saturday November 23rd 2013 with the Fiftieth Anniversary Special?

Perhaps this is all part of The Mofferator`s Cunning Plan #1 to get Doctor Who moved from a Spring to an Autumn transmission on a permanent basis? I`d go for that – for one thing long, dark, winter nights were made for Doctor Who and for another it`d put paid to that dreadful ratings dip that we always get in June once and for all. That`s what I reckon he`s up to anyway…

Whatever we get in 2013 will culminate in SOMETHING HUGE [I hope] on BBC One on The Very Same Day Of The Week as An Unearthly Child fifty years earlier, which is just so cool!

I say they repeat AUC with a special introduction from Matt and/or The Moff at the very same time – 5.15 – as the original TX 50 years earlier, which should kick off a Dr Who Night on BBC One. Hey, if it`s good enough for Corrie on the other side…

And of course, the Ming Mongs will be having a fit right now. Stand by for the usual “this is the end” over-reaction…

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