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DVD Latest – 2012

The Dr Who News Page are reporting extras being cleared for the DVD releases of Nightmare of Eden, Dragonfire and The Happiness Patrol.

If Eden is April`s release then The Ace Box could be out in May, which means these are the stories that are left…

Dunno about this Ace Box but it’s probably going to be the last three McCoy stories so you can scrub Greatest Show from off that list too I reckon. That would leave nine titles to go…

Jan – Sensorites
Feb – Tomb, Three Doctors, Robots of Death
Mar – Face of Evil & Daemons
Apr – Shada?
May – Eden?
June – Dragonfire, Happiness Patrol, Greatest Show?

If they release one a month from July to November, that’s 5 titles, leaving 4 to release in 2013. But Ark In Space and Vengeance On Varos will surely be re-released as Special Editions so that gets you up to six for release in 2013 over the eleven months to the Fiftieth Anniversary…

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BLOOPER! – The Brain of Morbius

Morbius is one of my favourite stories – and the only blooper I’ve spotted in it is this boom mic shadow on the Doctor’s coat…


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BLOOPERS! – Invasion of the Dinosaurs

With the demise of Megaupload, the recently completed Fan Edit of this story won’t see the light of day for a while methinks, so instead let`s enjoy some bloopers from the story – and no, I don’t mean the dinosaurs!

First, I`m not too sure sure what this shadow is on Pertwee’s back – looks like a member of the crew to me, or maybe one of the studio cameras…

…whereas this next one is clearly a camera shadow.

Reflective surfaces are always a problem in studio, here you can see the boom mic reflected in the wall map at the back of the room…

This is one of the best “boom mic in shot” shadows I`ve spotted yet!

If you look closely in this scene, you’ll notice that the chart on the wall behind Benton moves for no apparent reason!

This is a strange one, what have they done to that backcloth?

Next, you can see the top of the set through the open door…

Here’s the sound man reflected in the Whomobile’s side window as Jon drives away

studio lights refelcted on the rear wall…

boom shadow on the shoulder…

and on Grover’s head… [hearing the name Grover always makes me think of the Sesame Street character of the same name!]

boom mic shadow on the wobbly wall…

look what’s reflected in Grover`s shiny helmet… [!]

I hope that’s a boom mic shadow on that bloke`s face and not a nasty case of Vashta Nerada…

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Meglos – The Fan Edit

This week’s Fan Edit Friday doesn’t exactly turn lead into gold but on the plus side it does only last half an hour!

Meglos – The Fan Edit!

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Seeds of Doom BLOOPERS!

Since this month’s DWM 443 has an interview with Robert Banks Stewart, writer of both Doom and Zygons, and since I`vwe recently Fan Edited the story, I though it might be a nice tie in to add the three bloopers I found from the story to our collection…

First, there’s a lovely boom shadow on Miss Ducat`s noddle as she puts the painting away

and here’s the top of the set.

and just in case you missed it the first time, here it is again!

[Needless to say, this scene is NOT in the Fan Edit!]

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The Chase Fan Edit

Well it’s been a while and apologies for the delay but we’ve managed to sort out our PC problems and are more than happy to finally present our Fan Edit of The Chase. Hooray!

The Chase 2011 Fan Edit

Barring any other unforseen problems, the plan is for uploads to continue on a weekly basis for the forseeable future since there’s no New Series until the autumn.

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BLOOPERS! – The Time Meddler

It`s been a while since I last posted any bloopers so it’s nice to be back with some crackers from the Time Meddler!

First up, here’s a lovely boom shadow on Billy’s bonce…

Next, here’s one on the wall…

Next, here are some lovely shots of Billy’s wig coming undone. Seems nobody had the time to fix it during recording…

But this is by far the best one – imagine how hard a time the Dr would have had convincing Stephen they were back in 1066 if he’d seen this BBC Cameraman!

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