BLOOPER! – The Brain of Morbius

Morbius is one of my favourite stories – and the only blooper I’ve spotted in it is this boom mic shadow on the Doctor’s coat…


6 responses to “BLOOPER! – The Brain of Morbius

  1. Have you noticed that in episode 4, during the mind-bending contest, Sarah Jane Smith says ‘Tom’ out of nowhere, obviously referring to the Fourth Doctor’s actor’s name, Tom Baker?

  2. The instance of Liz Sladen saying “Tom” is even in the subtitles.

    • all these years and I`ve never noticed it before! Just goes to show the things you miss when you get caught up in the story…

      • The Brain of Morbius is my very favourite Tom Baker story. It’s absolutely brilliant! My best DW mate has Seeds of Doom for his favourite, the story that follows!

      • …and Morbius and Seeds have both been Fan Edited over at Whoflix! Check `em out!

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