BLOOPERS! – Invasion of the Dinosaurs

With the demise of Megaupload, the recently completed Fan Edit of this story won’t see the light of day for a while methinks, so instead let`s enjoy some bloopers from the story – and no, I don’t mean the dinosaurs!

First, I`m not too sure sure what this shadow is on Pertwee’s back – looks like a member of the crew to me, or maybe one of the studio cameras…

…whereas this next one is clearly a camera shadow.

Reflective surfaces are always a problem in studio, here you can see the boom mic reflected in the wall map at the back of the room…

This is one of the best “boom mic in shot” shadows I`ve spotted yet!

If you look closely in this scene, you’ll notice that the chart on the wall behind Benton moves for no apparent reason!

This is a strange one, what have they done to that backcloth?

Next, you can see the top of the set through the open door…

Here’s the sound man reflected in the Whomobile’s side window as Jon drives away

studio lights refelcted on the rear wall…

boom shadow on the shoulder…

and on Grover’s head… [hearing the name Grover always makes me think of the Sesame Street character of the same name!]

boom mic shadow on the wobbly wall…

look what’s reflected in Grover`s shiny helmet… [!]

I hope that’s a boom mic shadow on that bloke`s face and not a nasty case of Vashta Nerada…


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