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William Hartnell IS Gollum!

Fantastic as this CG model of Hartnell is, without his hair, I can’t help but think of Gollum from LOTR!

The genius who created this is Daniel Reed. View the original HERE


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Cy Payne`s Dr Who Theme

One of the delights of the Net is the way you come across a Blog that has stuff from your childhood. Like dodgy TV Themes albums that would have the odd gem hidden away on them. I had this album when I was a kid and remember buying it from our local Woolworths. If you`re like me and of a certain age then you probably had this album too!

I found this over at Slothy`s Pigeonshit, from the people who brought you the old Audioballs blog. It was posted back in 2009 so it`s a miracle it`s still there as Rapidshare delete files after 30 days of no downloads. I`ve just grabbed it myself so it`ll be there for the rest of you. The standout track is “The Magic Roundabout” but it`s worth checking out the whole album, which is the kind of thing we had to make do with back in the old days before Murray Gold…

Visit Slothy`s Pigeonshit

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