Kryten and The Doctor

Okay, we`ve all seen the recent S7 trailer – is it just me or did anyone else think that THIS

was Kryten in a cowboy hat? “Doctor, you are a Smeghead!”

And as for Queen Nefertitty…

…was I the only one who saw this and though of the letters B and J?



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7 responses to “Kryten and The Doctor

  1. Sean

    Kryten actually *did* wear a cowboy hat in one episode. “Doctor, you’re a smeeeee heeeeeee.”

  2. Shouldn’t this article actually be titled “Kryten, Crichton, and the Doctor?”

    • whopix

      Ha ha! very good, Graham. I was avoiding the obvious Westworld comparison…

      • Well, been a loooooong time since I saw Westworld, I was a kid, so I really don’t remember any of it at all. Having just looked it up on IMDB though, I see what you mean, and wow, lmao, that’s not even the reference I was making. xD

        I was referring to the guest star of this episode, Ben Browder – aka John Crichton from Farscape.

        So we really have a hat-trick here, can this really be a coincidence?

      • Forgot to add: In fact it brings to mind the episode of Farscape entitle “My Three Crichtons”.

      • whopix

        I`ve never seen Farscape so that`s spooky!

        Never seen Firefly either…

      • You should check it out if you can find it, it was a fantastic show. I’ve watched the whole series 4 times now. Sadly it was cancelled quite a while back though 😦

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