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Dr Who Sings Soft Kitty!

and you can view the Video on my YouTube Channel!


Myrka Mirth #3

Okay, so in Warriors on the Cheap the Doctor falls in the water and gets soaked…

he then steals the Seabase uniform of an unconscious guard who has been electrocuted by Turd-oh booby trapping the door…

When the Doctor leaves him the guard is wearing a full set of combinations as well as what look like kneepads [?]…

but later the Doctor can be clearly seen wearing a T-shirt so where did he get it from?



Oh,wait – I can feel an Internet Meme coming on…

Myrka Mirth #2

If you`ve ever watched Warriors of the Deep then you`ll know that it`s one of the few Classic Who stories to include a deliberate Star Trek reference.

Although personally, I though the Doctor`s Mr Spock impression was a bit rubbish…

Myrka Mirth! #1

I`ve recently finished Fan Editing that classic clunker Warriors of the Deep, a story that should only be watched in a state of intense inebriation – it`s stuffed to the gills with bloopers and lots of thingsĀ to make you laugh/smile.

And I don`t just mean the Myrka…!

For instance…

did you notice the opening instructions on the Seabase airlock doors?



BLOOPERS! – Image of the Fendahl

I`ve just finished the Fan Edit of this story and there were only four bloopers that caught my eye:

First up, you can see the arc lights in the background in the wood…

This next one is an absolute corker!
It`s incredible how many times you can watch a story and still miss things that are right in front of you – just as well the audience are concentrating on what`s going on in the centre of the frame, otherwise they`d spot things like THIS:

I had no idea that set was so high up, did you?

And lastly, here`s our old friend the Boom Mic Shadow In Shot…

Ninky Nonk Tardis

Here is the Ninky Nonk from In The Night Garden which is narrated by Sir Derek Jacobi!

As if having a pre-schoolers programme narrated by The Master wasn`t bizarre enough, does anything about the Ninky Nonk look… familiar…?

Or was I the only one to see this and immediately think of the Jade Pagoda Tardis from Dave MacIntee`s NA Sanctuary from years ago?

all of which can only mean one of two things: either someone on ITNG is a Who Fan or I really do need to get out more!

Whopix gets Facebook mention!

Thank you Paul Magrs [Hornet`s Nest, Demon Quest, Serpent Crest] for giving one of my YouTube vids a mention on Facebook. Glad you liked it!