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Dr Who Sings Soft Kitty!

and you can view the Video on my YouTube Channel!


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Myrka Mirth #3

Okay, so in Warriors on the Cheap the Doctor falls in the water and gets soaked…

he then steals the Seabase uniform of an unconscious guard who has been electrocuted by Turd-oh booby trapping the door…

When the Doctor leaves him the guard is wearing a full set of combinations as well as what look like kneepads [?]…

but later the Doctor can be clearly seen wearing a T-shirt so where did he get it from?



Oh,wait – I can feel an Internet Meme coming on…

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Myrka Mirth #2

If you`ve ever watched Warriors of the Deep then you`ll know that it`s one of the few Classic Who stories to include a deliberate Star Trek reference.

Although personally, I though the Doctor`s Mr Spock impression was a bit rubbish…

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Myrka Mirth! #1

I`ve recently finished Fan Editing that classic clunker Warriors of the Deep, a story that should only be watched in a state of intense inebriation – it`s stuffed to the gills with bloopers and lots of thingsĀ to make you laugh/smile.

And I don`t just mean the Myrka…!

For instance…

did you notice the opening instructions on the Seabase airlock doors?



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BLOOPERS! – Image of the Fendahl

I`ve just finished the Fan Edit of this story and there were only four bloopers that caught my eye:

First up, you can see the arc lights in the background in the wood…

This next one is an absolute corker!
It`s incredible how many times you can watch a story and still miss things that are right in front of you – just as well the audience are concentrating on what`s going on in the centre of the frame, otherwise they`d spot things like THIS:

I had no idea that set was so high up, did you?

And lastly, here`s our old friend the Boom Mic Shadow In Shot…

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Ninky Nonk Tardis

Here is the Ninky Nonk from In The Night Garden which is narrated by Sir Derek Jacobi!

As if having a pre-schoolers programme narrated by The Master wasn`t bizarre enough, does anything about the Ninky Nonk look… familiar…?

Or was I the only one to see this and immediately think of the Jade Pagoda Tardis from Dave MacIntee`s NA Sanctuary from years ago?

all of which can only mean one of two things: either someone on ITNG is a Who Fan or I really do need to get out more!

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Whopix gets Facebook mention!

Thank you Paul Magrs [Hornet`s Nest, Demon Quest, Serpent Crest] for giving one of my YouTube vids a mention on Facebook. Glad you liked it!

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