BLOOPERS! – The Mind Robber

We all know the troubled production behind episode one of this story, which seems to have contributed to it`s blooper count!

First, here`s the lens of a camera poking into shot…

Next, it`s not a White Void, it`s a TV Studio…

Looks like those Tardis walls have got damp while in storage – look at the mould on `em!

Again, you can clearly see that it`s a TV Studio they`re in; rather spoils the effect but you could always turn the Brightness up on your telly…

What you can see here is the pedestal base of the camera that took the previous shot…

And as if that wasn`t bad enough, here you can see where the cyclorama cloth stops!

One of the dangers of wide shots is that sometimes you can end up showing the top of the set, like here for instance…

This is the famous one that everybody knows – the Producer`s end credits caption card on the Tardis Scanner!

And to finish off part one, the shadows you can see in these last two bloopers are our old friend the boom microphone!

And finally, we`re not long into episode two when Patrick Troughton makes an unscheduled appearance behind Zoe, getting into position for his first scene…


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