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The Dalek Project

Remember this…?

well, it`s regenerated!

It got canned for being too similar to Victory of the Daleks and I remember being quite disappointed as the story idea was really intriguing. Mind you, not as disappointed as I was when I watched Victory…

Glad this is finally coming out so we can get to see if this really is a better version of the same plot idea.

And hopefully no Shite New Daleks in sight!



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The Exxilon Error

Just spotted a wonderful Discontinuity whilst working on the Fan Edit of this story –

The Doctor is telling Sarah that she`s not coming with him to the City of the Exxilons… now, look in the background between Jon and Lis and you`ll see Bellal moving to camera left –

– but look at where he is in the very next frame!

Judging by how quickly he can shift he must be related to the Raston Warrior Robot…!

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The Exxilon Enigma

If you purchased the recent DVD release of Death To The Daleks, you might have noticed that the colour balance on footage included on the Studio Recording feature is completely different to the equivalent shots in the transmitted epsiodes…

Here`s an example of what I mean :

[The only reason I noticed it is because I used some of this stuff in the updated Fan Edit of the story…]

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BLOOPERS! – The Web Planet

Here`s some bloopers I spotted whilst doing the recent Fan Edit of this story…

First up, after the scene with Heron and Habara in the alcove there`s a dirty great boom shadow that crosses the console and then the floor behind Bill…

Next, it`s our old friend the console cable…

Clearly the Animus has breaking news to report on Vortis TV as that`s clearly a TV Camera looking at the TARDIS!

And speaking of the TARDIS, someone`s left the windows open so you can see it`s not dimensionally transcendental at all, it`s just a box…

Studio lights reflected in the scanner…

Boom mic shadow crossing Billy`s head…

this next one is a bit weird – first of all, look behind Barbara`s head…

… and you`ll notice that the light behind her moves. Later in the scene we can see this…

…so whatever it is, it`s number 56 and it`s got a light on top! Took me ages to work out that it must be one of those mole crane boom microphones, like this one:

and this one:

you can tell that`s what it is, cos the light and the boom shadow move together – it gets so close to Habara that she looks up at it!

Here it is again –

And it`s no safer out on the surface either, as Heron gets too close to one too!

Back in the rest area, that other boom mic is still lurking…

Now here`s something a bit different, due to this high shot you can see that this rock isn`t solid at all, just a painted flat…

Here`s the edge of the set…

And this is what happens when your actors stand too close to the backcloth…

Not that Vicki`s bothered – she`s so nonchalant about that boom shadow that she`s flashing her kickers, assuming she`s not gone commando under those black tights…

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Weng Chiang? The Master!

The Talons of Weng Chiang is a great story, but when the villain of the title is unmasked at the end of Episode Five, it wasn`t who I was expecting…





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Rude Who #5



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