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Target Covers…

…by Lee Binding [Ambassadors] and Clayton Hickman [the rest!]


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Tom Connell`s Dr Who Art

If you ever bought the Doctor Who DVD Files, you`ll recognise the artwork that I`ve mocked up into these two covers…

…by Tom Connell from line art by Lee Sullivan. Sadly the magazine doesn`t include these illustrations anymore, which is a real shame…

Tom Connell Dr Who Gallery #1

Tom Connell Dr Who Gallery #2

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The Mind Robber – Target cover mk2

The Mind Robber is the latest Fan Edit available over at Whoflix, which gave me the idea of updating David McAllister`s cover for the Target Novelisation to include the two characters missing from the artwork who really ought to have been there!

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Firefly meets Dr Who!

Richard Castle meets The Doctor at Comic-Con.

Matt Smith meets Nathan Fillion at Comic-Con. The guys from my two favourite shows, together – how cool is that!

I know some will say, no it`s Malcolm “Mal “Reynolds but to me, that`s Richard Castle. Sorry, never seen this Firefly thing people keep going on about…

Anybody else REALLY want to see Nathan Fillion guest starring in Doctor Who Series Eight?

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New Version of Claws of Axos?

According to Play dot com there is!

Claws of Axos in October?

And if there really is a new version coming, here`s a new mock Target Cover to celebrate

The original, by the wonderful Andy Lambert, can be viewed over at his DeviantArt Page.

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BLOOPERS! – The Chase

The Chase may be a clunker but on the plus side it`s absolutely blooperiffic!

Better make yourself a cup of tea before you start to read this, it`s a very long post!

First, the Tardis is meant to be in Space but the writing on the studio floor next to the model sort of spoils the illusion…

Next, looks like someone`s fixed up the internal door…

…if only they`d taken the time to fix the rest of the set!

Boom Shadow #1

Here, you can see the top of the set – and btw there`s no console either!

In this one it`s all too obvious that the Tardis is on castors…

No idea what this is but I`m certain it shouldn`t be on camera!

Camera cables on the Dalek`s ship…

Watch as the top of this Dalek lifts off as the operator has difficulty getting round the corner of the ship. A similar blooper can be seen years later in Destiny!

This is what happens when your actors are too close to the backcloth…

Despite all the sand used on the set, there`s still not enough to cover things up…

And this a camera shadow on a Dalek –

That`ll be the boom mic behind his head…

I think this needs a bit more glue, don`t you?

Look up and you can see the top edge of the cyclorama – you can do the same thing in Time-flight too!

Either this Dalek is practicing his levitating, or the bloke inside is lifting the casing over a camera cable. I know which one my money`s on…

Boom Mic In Shot

Boom Shadow #2

Oh look! Peter Cushing Movie Daleks minus their bases!

When they decided to drop a Dalek off the Marie Celeste, you`d think they would have fixed the top on, wouldn`t you!

Boom Mic Shadow #3

That`s the shadow of the camera taking this shot that you can see on Ian`s polo neck. How nice of him to wear a light-coloured one so we can see it really clearly!

That camera shadow stays there for a good thirty seconds before Ian follows the Doctor down the stairs. As he does, look behind him and you`ll see the boom mic crane moving to its next position…

The Daleks haven`t arrived yet, so what`s this one doing here? Perhaps he`s a bit early for his cue in six minutes` time…

Boom Mic Shadow #4

Whoops! Once again, we can see that there`s nothing to these Daleks!

Boom Mic Shadow #5

If you look in the background of this shot you`ll see the bloke playing the robot Doctor getting into position. To my mind he should already have been there the minute they opened the shutters of the cubicle…

Boom Mic Shadow #6 – you`ll need to be quick to spot this one, it whips across the set at a fair old lick in order to catch Ian`s next line!

See, told you! There it is!

Someone really should tell the Daleks that their robot double`s not going to fool anybody. Looks nothing like him!

Not only can you see the studio light in this shot [you can make them out in several other places too but they don`t screengrab so well] there`s also someone moving what looks like a microphone in the cave behind…

This is the camera that took the previous shot of Ian and the Doctor running out of the cave after Vicki screams..

And a few seconds later, as well as the camera, you can see one of the studio lights too…

You can see the top of the cave set in this shot –

Funny jungle this, it`s got tv studio lights in it…

Just before this, Vicki asks where the Doctor is. The answer is that he`s about to hit his mark, which has been helpfully been chalked on the studio floor, I mean the floor of the jungle…

That robot double still looks nothing like him…

Boom Mic Shadow #7

That mic shadow on the wall to the right hangs around for the entire scene until Billy stands up and gets obscured by the shadow of the boom arm itself…

Look, it`s those Movie Daleks again. Now how the heck are they going to make it round this jungle without their skirts on?

Look, there`s another one!

and just behind it is a TV Camera! When the shot tightens a bit more, you can see that it`s Camera 5…

There`s one of those fancy new style boom mics… that`ll be shadow #8 then…

and here`s Boom Mic Shadow #9

And finally…! Here`s one last boom shadow on the Time/Space Visualiser. The arm is obscuring Bill…

That`s 46 in total, making this our worst story for Bloopers yet. Or the best, depending on your point of view!

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Dr Who & The Recyclers #4 – The War Machines

Take a look at this screen grab from Episode 3. Do you recognize that round thing the baldy bloke`s handing over?

You should – it`s the Rel Counter from the second Dalek Movie!

And here it is in close up…

..which I reckon means it stopped at about 42 Rels if you compare this to the screengrab.

Given that Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD only opened a fortnight later, you wonder how on earth such an insignificant prop from the movie ended up being used on the show itself after they trashed the sets. They`d already used two Daleks from the first movie in The Chase so maybe the Beeb had first dibs on everything when filming was over…

Perhaps the baldy bloke is really a Technix working undercover for Torchwood to recover alien tech… or maybe Wotan was a secret Dalek project like Bracewell? What a pity we`ll never know!

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Rude Who – The Chase

I`m sure the Daleks thought that creating a robot double of the Doctor was a good idea at the time. However…

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Infiltrate and – eh?

The Daleks` robot double of the Doctor is complete rubbish. Looks nothing like him! This leads to a wonderful continuity error at the end of Journey Into Terror.

This is the rubbish robot double – Edmund Warwick – talking to the Daleks…

After this, Director Richard Martin cuts to a close up of Bill Hartnell, delivering what is meant to be the robot double`s next line. The illusion is somewhat spoiled by the fact that Bill is clearly standing in a completely different part of the set!

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Strax is Back!

Strax is back in Series Seven  as Madame Vastra`s butler…

Remind you of anyone…?

Strax – The Sontaran Oddjob!

With thanks to Combom for the heads up.



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