BLOOPERS! – Castrovalva

The first blooper you`ll likely spot in Castrovalva is that bloody awful flipped shot in part one! These damn things are a pet hate of mine…

But the other one, from part two, you`ve probably missed even thought it`s been there right in front of you all the time. I know because I only just spotted it myself yesterday when I was reviewing the Fan Edit I made of the story last year. So gawd knows how many times I`ve watched this and completely missed it!

You would think that a dirty great boom mic shadow on the lead actor would be something you`d spot straight away but obviusly not! Wonder how many more are lurking in there, unspotted…

That`s the fun thing about Blooper Hunting – there`s always something new to spot that`s hidden right in front of you!


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