Dr Who & The Recyclers #4 – The War Machines

Take a look at this screen grab from Episode 3. Do you recognize that round thing the baldy bloke`s handing over?

You should – it`s the Rel Counter from the second Dalek Movie!

And here it is in close up…

..which I reckon means it stopped at about 42 Rels if you compare this to the screengrab.

Given that Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD only opened a fortnight later, you wonder how on earth such an insignificant prop from the movie ended up being used on the show itself after they trashed the sets. They`d already used two Daleks from the first movie in The Chase so maybe the Beeb had first dibs on everything when filming was over…

Perhaps the baldy bloke is really a Technix working undercover for Torchwood to recover alien tech… or maybe Wotan was a secret Dalek project like Bracewell? What a pity we`ll never know!


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