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Dr Who`s Greatest Woman?

According to the results of the recent BBC America poll…

#1 – Rose Tyler
#2 – Sarah Jane Smith
#3 – Donna Noble
#4 – Leela

Interestingly, the majority of Yanks went for Rose but most Brits went for Sarah Jane.

I was one of them…

`nuff said…



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Rude Who – Leela`s boobs!

But rude for Saturday tea time, 1977, don`t you think…?

leela`s boobs

and yes, I know what you`re thinking –

that somewhere there`s a parallel universe where Talons is a Colin Baker story!

Oh, if only…

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Claws of Axos by Lee Binding

The talented Lee Binding recently released his artwork for the forthcoming Special Edition re-release of Claws of Axos, yet another of his creations that just cries out to be mocked up into a Target book cover. So here it is and doesn`t it look great!

And this hot on the heels of the recent and equally brilliant Andy Lambert version

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BLOOPERS! – Day of the Daleks

Following on from the delightful sight of Katy Manning flashing her knickers in our previous post, here are some more things we weren`t meant to see from Day of the Daleks!

First, that has to be the most unconvincing backcloth ever!

There are quite a few other boom shadows in this story, but this is the only one that really screengrabs well enough for you to be able to tell that`s what it is – in this scene watch Benton`s beret. The shadow moves across…

…and back again!

There`s that bloody backcloth again!

When The Camp Controller reports to the Daleks, the screen they view him on swings alarmingly. You can see it in this shot, minus the CSO insert…

Not sure what these white tape marks on the floor are for, or who…

When Shura leaves, you can see all this gubbins lying on Sir Reginald`s patio, which isn`t there on the film inserts of the guerillas approaching the house. Looking at it, you can`t tell what it`s for, only that we probably shouldn`t be seeing it! But all will be revealed later!

Reflective surfaces on a set can be tricky, especially if you don`t want to see the cameraman…

Okay, I know Ogrons aren`t the brightest of henchmen but why does this one walk past a perfectly good open french door just so he enter via the other one that`s further away?

Whatever the reason, it does allow us to see that all that gubbins we spotted earlier was for the pyrotechnic that went off when the door exploded!

You can see something moving reflected in the top of the set here. Given that all the Daleks remain static it must be a camera…

Another set, another reflective surface, another camera…

Here, the metal band over the Doctor`s torso picks up the reflected light from that dirty big yellow CSO screen above him, meaning the insert ends up being put in here too – oops!

Just after the flashback sequence – which is much better in the Fan Edit, even if I do say so myself! – they don`t even bother putting the insert into the screen in this shot…

Here you can see that Daleks run on castors and not psycho-kinetic power at all…

Spot the… light stick?

and finally… Make Up!

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Weng Chiang – New Blooper!

I`m currently Fan Editing this story and spotted a brilliant blooper that I`ve totally missed until now and I`ve watched this story loads of times!

In Part One, when Buller confronts Chang, there`s a microphone in the bottom right corner of the screen…

So we can add this one to the previous one I found – the camera pedestal in part six – which just goes to show how you can keep on missing what’s in front of you!

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Day of the Daleks

1] My latest Fan Edit over at Whoflix is Day of the Daleks, which has a much more Dalek-y flashback sequence and runs for just under 50 minutes.

2] I`ve only recently noticed that the Daleks on the classic Chris Achilleos artwork for the Target book cover are reversed so here I`ve flipped them the right way round…

…which means the band across the Ogron`s chest runs the wrong way but what the hell!

3] Here`s the fantastic DVD cover art by mega talented Mr Lee Binding mocked up as a Target book cover…

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