Dr Who`s Greatest Woman?

According to the results of the recent BBC America poll…

#1 – Rose Tyler
#2 – Sarah Jane Smith
#3 – Donna Noble
#4 – Leela

Interestingly, the majority of Yanks went for Rose but most Brits went for Sarah Jane.

I was one of them…

`nuff said…



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4 responses to “Dr Who`s Greatest Woman?

  1. –onlyus

    Your take on the voting results sounds almost indignant. As a ‘Yank,’ I can see why Americans would choose Rose Tyler. I would offer my best guess as to the two reasons for my country’s choice:

    First, I’d wager that most Americans first and primary exposure to Doctor Who is the new series, not the original series. For the most part, the original series was only broadcast on some PBS (Public Broadcasting System) stations. Even there, much of the original series shown here in the US was of the fourth (Doctor Tom Baker) and later, well after a chunk of Sarah Jane Smith’s time as a companion. While I recall and saw Sarah Jane Smith episodes from the original series and appreciated her, I would be a minority here in the US.

    Second, Rose Tyler was so significant in the relaunch of Doctor Who. I’d go as far as to say she was instrumental in its successful rebirth, in that she was a compelling character, let alone companion. She also offered something new, a romantic element, that previous companions did not. That said much about both her and the Doctor.

    My take is that I’d have been happy that either of the two won, but I did vote for Rose Tyler.

    • whopix

      Yeah, I can see where you`re coming from and you make two very good, valid points, which I wouldn`t disagree with. However the sheer overwhelming power of Childhood Nostalgia makes it impossible for anyone to come close to my Sarah Jane.

      Apart from anything else, unlike Elisabeth Sladen, I can`t see Billie Piper getting her own spin-off series thirty years after she left Doctor Who…

      • –onlyus

        Childhood Nostalgia: I think I understand.

        No Spin-Off for Billie Piper: 🙂 I think you’d be making a safe bet there.

  2. __RandomNerd__

    I live in America and every person I know, would either choose Sarah Jane or Ace over Rose anyday

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