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Bye Bye Gallifrey

I`m not a great fan of stories set before An Unearthly Child but sometimes I can`t help but wonder what Bill on Gallifrey might have looked like…









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Seven meets Liz Two

If only Big Liz had agreed to do that Silver Nemesis cameo…



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Yeti on the Tube…

If only The Web of Fear was in colour…



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Naughty Lynx!

Mine’s a pint, Irongron!




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October 22, 2012 · 8:25 pm

Alpha Wazowski-Centauri

Doctor Who meets Monsters Inc!



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Doctor Withnail…

Doctor Who meets Withnail and I…





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Doctor HG3…

… or the Fourth Doctor meets Arthur Dent and Zaphod Beeblebrox – what`s not to like about Doctor Who meets The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy!





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Tenth Planet Cybermen upgraded!

Somewhere there must be a Parallel Universe where the Mondas Cybermen are slightly more convincing design-wise than their 1966 real world counterparts…





I think the New Series Cyberdudes look bloody brilliant with human hands, and I love the shot of Billy facing off to them – if only this was what we`d got instead of what we got!

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Seeds of Doom mock Target covers

It`s Fan Edit Friday over at Whoflix, and this week it`s The Seeds of Doom, the one with the Green Axons…


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David McCallum IS The Doctor

Following on from yesterday`s Doctor David Collings post, here`s his Sapphire and Steel co-star as an alternative to Peter Davison, one that personally I would have much preferred!






I love the idea of SnS re-tooled as Spooky Who – having Time itself as the enemy would have given the Key to Time season a whole new dimension – and Sapphire could have been a sort of living Tracer. Didn`t Big Finish do something similar?

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