The Snowmen`s Sexy New Tardis!


Well, bugger me! Doesn`t that look fab!

So the new Tardis interior is blue instead of gold, the hexagons on the walls remind you of the old roundels, there`s a balcony running round just like the previous version, the Console is really Classic Series, more so than the past two versions and I love the extra bank of controls just off to Matt`s left though gawd knows what they`re for, looks like the console is still on a raised platform, not so sure about the carpet-y stuff hanging over the edge of the balcony though and I really hope those neon tubes in the Time Rotor go round and round as well as up and down, still to see what the door area looks like but overall I much prefer this to the previous version [never could take those gigantic love beads in the time rotor seriously!]

And if you put together all the pics we`ve had released so far you get THIS:

New Snowmen Tardis

Roll on Tuesday! This is shaping up to be the Best Xmas Special yet!


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