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Only three bloopers to report from this abandoned story and let’s start with the question of what is that light doing there…?

shada blooper 1

Next, here’s the one you may have missed – I certainly did and so did the info text!

When Clare exits the Professor`s room, en route to her scene with Wilkin, take a look at what’s beyond the door…

shada blooper 2
Yes, it’s the Krarg carrier ship, not the entrance to old Chrono`s room!

And finally, our old friend the boom mic shadow! Hooray!

shada blooper 3


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Dr Who in “The Unheard Voice”!

From the pages of TV Action, here is the last of the Jon Pertwee strips before the move back to TV Comic…


There are still some strips from the annuals and holiday specials etc so we’ll be moving onto those next

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Talons Target – Lee Johnson

The brilliantly talented Lee Johnson does it again!


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Tom Baker’s Birthday Talons!

It’s Tom Baker’s Birthday today and to celebrate, over at Whoflix you can download an extra-special Fan Edit of one of Tom’s finest Who stories – The Talons of Weng Chiang, The Sherlock Edit!


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BLOOPERS! – The Sensorites

First, keep an eye on the top right hand corner of the screen in this shot and you’ll spot the boom mic shadow…

sensorites blooper 1

Next, it looks like this particular Sensorite could do with some more hair to help hide the fact that he’s really a human in a mask!

sensorites blooper 2

Now here’s a cracker – when the Sensorites are pursuing Ian and Barbara, they don’t need to bother going through the doors , they can just swing open that loose panel in the wall…!

sensorites blooper 3

Here’s boom mic shadow #2…

sensorites blooper 4

That shadow you can see on the floor is the camera getting a bit to close to Ian as it moves in for the close up…
The Sensorites Blooper 6
And to finish off, here are another couple of boom mic shadows from part four…
sensorites blooper 5
The Sensorites Blooper 7

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Dr Who in “The Vortex”!

From the pages of TV Action…



only one more to go!

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Dr Who in “The Spoilers”!

From the pages of TV Action…



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